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Astrology in Action


Taurus is the slow, plodding vision of Ferdinand the Bull. He is earthy and rough around the edges, has an excellent sense of smell, and doesn't like frivolities. He is slow to anger, unlike his predecessor; however, if this anger is released, the wrath would be like nothing you've ever seen. Don't push Taurus' buttons.

Taurus works hard and gets things done. No questions, no complaints. The bull is the epitome of the beast of burden. There is unbelievable strength within Taurus individuals, even the unsuspecting ones.

Taurus is a collector, whether it is stamps, coins (probably coins) or Hummels, he or she will keep his or her treasures together and look at them admiringly now and then. If you destroy his collection, he will hate you for life. But, there is nothing Taurus values more than money and land. Give this sign and farm and a million dollars, and you can watch the happy bull grazing in the meadow. He just loves to cut grass, and his lawn is always neatly maintained. But, if your yard is three feet tall, he won't care because Taurus is a live and let live sign. They won't bother you as long as you don't bother them. Just don't try to erect a fence on his property line.

This is the most stubborn of all signs, and when Taurus is not having fun, neither is anyone else.

Taurus tends to suffer from ailments of the neck, the voice and the sexual organs. He is prone to chronic tonsillitis and sinus infections, ear infections and laryngitis. The bull is also prone to gaining too much weight. He loves food, and he loves it a lot. He is partial to sweet and rich foods. This sweet tooth also makes him prone to Diabetes.

He usually has an excellent singing voice, and has an astute sense of rhythm and harmony. After all, music soothes the beast. Taurus is also fond of the other arts as well, as Venus is his ruler. Taureans are good with their hands. They make excellent soap makers, sculptors, woodworkers, artists, musicians and they create solid masterpieces that will last many years.

Taurus' love of money and land also make them excellent bankers, realtors and farmers.

April 20 - May 20

  • Motto: I BUILD

  • Color: GREEN
  • Planet: VENUS
  • Triplicity: EARTH
  • Quadrant: SUCCEDENT
  • Quadruplicity: FIXED
  • Metal: COPPER
  • Apostle:

Sign Classification: 




Taurus in Love

You are steady, sensuous and practical in love. Sexually, you are animalistic, but you may use hot sex as a weapon. You are a patient lover, but you might be rather boring when it comes to trying new things. Go out on a limb, and experiment. Food is certainly romantic for you. Share your amorous feelings and a meal, Taurus.