Welcome to Astrology in Action--Home of the Premier Lilith Report Online

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Welcome to Astrology in Action--Home of the Premier Lilith Report Online

Astrology in Action
Welcome to Astrology in Action.  You have found the home of the premier Lilith Report online! 


The Premier Lilith Report Online

"I have been looking for months for a Lilith report like this one. Surprisingly accurate, great insights and never boring. Every little detail is taken into account. I highly recommend Cara's report for self discovery, and I appreciate her ability to see the hidden meaning of every aspects and giving great advice according to this vision. I am really surprised."

"Cara has an astonishing talent for uncovering our most deeply buried demons and gifts. She synthesizes the ways Lilith touches the chart, making sense of this mysterious and controversial yet undeniably powerful point, and goes one step further to suggest how we can handle the Lilith influence to improve our lives. Wise, perceptive and thoughtful -- the most thorough Lilith report I've come across."

~ Lilith Midheaven

"I absolutely love this report....It pulled together a lot about my life and helps me understand many aspects that I have struggled with my entire life.  I am 100% satisfied."
~Celestine Luckenbach

"The report was quite thorough, complex and very close to the realities I have faced in my life. Cara provided helpful insights into darkest places, illuminating possible pitfalls on my path, giving attention to the ways to deal with what I may face in my future. I gained deeper understanding to what Lilith is about in my chart, and deeper awareness into the landscape of my own psyche.


"The most accurate astrological reading I ever had. Very intense, but 100% true!"

~ S. Mankarious

"I was so impressed....You are amazing!"

~C. K.

"Wow! I'm so glad to find many confirmations about Lilith in my far-from-smooth chart, especially about true Lilith in Gemini. The report is impressing and I think most useful in its most "unpleasant" and blunt parts, which I'll read through again and again, but I already feel that a precious insight has been given to me. Thank you !"


"I appreciated your reports a lot and I go on discovering astrology and exploring all aspects of Black Moon Lilith and Chiron that will be shown to me, as they move through the signs....Truly a divine gift. "

~ A.M.

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