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Astrology in Action


Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion. This sign will sting you if you go up against it. These people are passionate, emotional and dangerous. But, the sexuality they exude just can't be denied. They are sexual dynamite. However, the price to pay for such immense energy is great. This ruthless sign must win at any cost. This individual keeps secrets--both yours and his. But, if you cross Scorpio, he will sting. Scorpio is reticent and cool, never ruffled or intimidated by any confrontation. If you're game, so is Scorpio. You just name when and where.

Their emotions are often their own worst enemies, as they seem to swim in an abyss of turmoil. If Scorpio feels that you truly understand his inner workings, you have won his heart. He needs someone who can understand the depths of him.

They are the eighth sign of the zodiac, and they represent death and sex. In the sexual realm, the scorpion has no morals; yet, Scorpio harshly judges others based on their morals. They tend to be hypocritical much like Sagittarius. However, they will lash out when asked to take their own inventory. They prefer dark colors and low lighting.

In love, Scorpio takes his time, but once in love, there is no turning back. They tend to view their partner as one of their possessions. They are extremely possessive of their mate, and they expect a mate to be faithful. However, don't expect them to be true. They will usually have a series of clandestine love affairs, which they will never admit. You will usually have no proof, and you will never catch them. They are sneaky. Scorpions stalk their prey. This sign is capable of becoming obsessed with the ones he loves. And, on occasion, he proves dangerous to your health.

Once Scorpio decides to move on from a love relationship, they don't look back. You will never see them or hear from them again.

Unfortunately, most Scorpios are losing the battle with alcoholism. This sign also is prone to diseases of the genitalia and sexually transmitted diseases. With Taurus being their polar opposite, they may have neck and throat ailments. They possess amazing powers of recuperation. They prove quite fertile, and they usually have more than one child. Their children are also viewed as their possession. Custody battles will be long, harrowing experiences. They usually have dark deep-set eyes that can penetrate your very soul.

Scorpios make great tax collectors, insurance adjusters, sexual therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, detectives and madams. In fact, any business in the sex industry would suit them.

October 24 - November 22

  • Motto: I WIN
  • Color: RED or BLACK
  • Planet: PLUTO
  • Triplicity: WATER
  • Quadrant: SUCCEDENT
  • Quadruplicity: FIXED
  • Metal: IRON and STEEL
  • Apostle:

Sign Classification:

  • MUTE


  • OPAL
  • RUBY

Scorpio in Love

You are dynamic, intense and passionate in love. Sexually, you are dynamite, but you can be jealous and controlling when in love, viewing your partner as an object. You can become obsessed with your partner. Allow them room to breathe and try to be less controlling, Scorpio.