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Get Your New Saturn Report!

Saturn Report


Learn about how your Saturn placement affects you!

Discover your karmic life lessons. Learn to build long-lasting material wealth and/or a firmer foundation. Find out how to turn your goals into reality?

Discover how Saturn's cycles and significant Saturn aspects in your chart affect you personally. Learn what to expect from both your first and second Saturn returns?  Make your Saturn returns yield the best results.

Included in your 20-page report:

  • Saturn in Your Chart
  • General Overview—Saturn—Both Light and Dark
  • Saturn by Sign
  • Saturn by House
  • The Cycles of Saturn
  • Your First Saturn Return
  • Your Second Saturn Return
  • Saturn Midpoints
  • How to Work Through Your Saturn

Saturn Through the Signs by Cara Rungo

Aries Saturn

These people are fiery self-starters when it comes to beginning any task. And, this Saturn placement lends the discipline that impatient Aries lacks to see projects through to the end. In career, they excel, rising to the top. They possess ambition.

These people appear most likely thin. They often sport heavy eyebrows, which make them appear stern and a prominent nose. Natives have swift, jerky timing. They hate waiting. Father was adventurous and took a lot of risks. He was even perhaps hot-headed and possibly violent.

Saturn lies in its fall in this position. These two energies clash. Aries Saturn is like driving with the brakes on. Mars is hasty; Saturn is slow. Therefore, it produces a start and stop energy. Slowing down may help to avoid preventable accidents; Saturn placed here denotes migraines, severe head injuries, burns cuts and abrasions. Fire is extremely detrimental to those who have this Saturnine placement.

Taurus Saturn

Natives are down-to-earth, stubborn and steady. They finish what they start, slowly plodding onward to achieve established goals. Saturn functions well in earth signs. There is an exceptional sense of rhythm. The voice sounds deep and pleasant.

Real estate, structured settlements and long-lasting low-risk investments may benefit. However, if Saturn is afflicted, it portends obstacles obtaining money and financial loss. There may be bankruptcies, heavy financial debt, bad investments and the like. Expect difficulties with land inherited from the father. However, this position obtains financial security in older age.

These people value tradition.

Taurus Saturn lacks a sense of smell; Saturn here may lead to a lack of hygiene. Taurus Saturn people suffer from throat and neck ailments. Tonsillitis, laryngitis, strep or sore throat and other ailments causing voice loss is common with this Saturnine placement.

Gemini Saturn

These people are serious-minded and have the ability to delve deep into research topics with a scientific bent. Saturn functions well in air signs, and it is promises exceptionally acute mental facilities if in good aspect. However, if Saturn is afflicted or otherwise weak, it could portend learning disabilities, dyslexia, deafness and other speech impediments. There may have been learning disabilities in early childhood (dyslexia, letter or pattern recognition difficulty, etc.) Communication proves difficult, which could have its roots from the father. The father can seem quiet or disapproving of non-educational mental pursuits.

These people have difficulties with both written or verbal contracts.

Gemini Saturn requires more air in the lungs than other signs. Gemini rules the lungs; Saturn is considered the Greater Malefic. Therefore, people suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma and allergies or pneumonia with this placement. Smoking proves detrimental here. These people require more air than most.

Cancer Saturn

Saturn in Cancer denotes people who are old-fashioned and were raised around older people. Natives place intrinsic value in anything that represents the old (antiques, history, memorabilia, etc.) Childhood memories might be painful in this placement, but they may have problems letting go. Early childhood was difficult, and they may have experienced a loss of a parent or a parent who was overly stern.

Women most likely have smaller breasts.

Natives always follow their hunches when it comes to timing.

Saturn is in its detriment in the position. Cancer Saturn lends to depression; Saturn is considered the Greater Malefic. Therefore, Cancer Saturn suffers from breast cancer and dry eyes and mouth. Drowning is a real danger to those who have this Saturnian placement.

Leo Saturn

Natives are a fiery beings with much ambition toward career. They rise to the top in any chosen career field. Artisans work with heavy items like concrete, rock, sculpturing and statuary. Painters will use plenty of muted dark colors or pigments found within the earth.

In this position, there will be difficulty with children. Natives can be barren or experience hardships regarding children. If Saturn is severely afflicted, it portends loss of children.

The father commanded attention, and he was a star or hero in the native's world. Father was likely strict.

Saturn is unhappy in this sign because these two energies do not coalesce. Leo Saturn suffers from heart ailments in either a real sense or in an emotional sense. This position portends heartbreak and pain through romantic love. Romance is often lost through untimely love. Either partner appears cold. This placement indicates one is love-starved.

Virgo Saturn

This position of Saturn indicates sound and logical mind. This is a no-nonsense individual, possessing a great work ethic. Natives are reliable, fulfilling their duties. This position makes for a disciplined soldier or a hardworking laborer. Possible careers are military, government or healthcare.

These are the worrywarts. When afflicted, losses occur through the government and health.

Natives usually appear thin, practicing healthy eating habits. Severely afflicted, this placement produces eating disorders and ailments of the digestive system. There may be restriction or diseases of the entrails. Those born under this influence should never elect for gastric bypass surgery. This Saturn placement can indicate sickly individuals who suffers from many health issues. The father may have been ill.

Libra Saturn

Saturn in Libra denotes a long-lasting benefit through legal bindings. Agents will be beneficial. If severely afflicted, Saturn in this placement can lead to lawsuits and losses through partnership and marriage.

Losses can occur through known enemies and agents. Saturn placed here will produce a fine, fair judge. Many in the legal professions have this placement. The father was social, and he had many intimate friends and gatherings.

Saturn works well in air signs, and is exalted here. It is a good placement for marriage and partnerships and portends a happy long-lasting marriage. Marriage partners may be older or even-tempered.

Scorpio Saturn

Natives have deep insight into the darkness. They understand peoples' motives and depravity. Psychologically, they understand the underbelly of society and on some level, they empathize. However deep their insight, they must guard against being sucked into the abyss that they see into so clearly. There may contact with the dead. This individual has a morbid fascination with death.

The father was a well-respected, powerful man within his community. There are losses regarding any inheritance from the father.

Saturn functions poorly in Scorpio, as they two energies are at odds. It is a good placement for psychologists and portends psychic activity.

Sagittarius Saturn

Saturn placed in Sagittarius reigns in the wild horse, and it acts as a check and balance. The freedom-loving horse under Saturnine influence is less likely to gamble away the farm.

This placement produces self-righteous, harsh judging individuals with a puritanical mindset. These people are set in their philosophies and beliefs and can lead them to fanaticism.

Losses from lawsuits in higher courts is denoted. The father was absent either mentally or physically. He may have traveled extensively in his career.

Saturn functions poorly in fire signs. This placement produces teachers, students, ministers and religious edifices.

Capricorn Saturn

Natives are mature and usually relate well to older individuals. They can be sticks in the mud, and an authoritative exterior makes them reticent and standoffish. Natives are stable and reliable.

It denotes a successful career. These people are studious and determined to succeed. Career is top priority. They possess great ambition, and their hard work will eventually be rewarded. If Saturn is severely afflicted, there can be a fall from grace in career.

The father may have had a heavy presence, or he could have been absent or deceased. Father was probably a successful, austere businessman, feared or respected by many. He might have been a boss, a figurehead or a politician.

Capricorn is the best sign placement for Saturn as it is dignified here because it is in the sign of its own ruler. Those born under this influence excel at corporate positions or positions that hold societal sway (i.e., politicians, judges, CEOs, etc.)

Aquarius Saturn

Those born under this influence have odd timing. They possess an uncanny ability to be able to bridge the gap between old and new. They put a new spin on old tricks and remain responsible for bringing older people into contact with younger people.

Most of their friends are older or more mature because they relate better to those more serious-minded. Friends are probably few, however, remaining steady fixtures in their life. They likely foster a relationship with at least one childhood friend.

Saturn works well in air signs, and it is quite happy here. In traditional astrology, Saturn ruled the zodiac sign of Aquarius. It is a good placement for career and portends a sound and stable mind.

Pisces Saturn

This is not a good placement for Saturn. Somehow, Saturn's ability to function is muted here as Saturn and Neptune don't work well together.

There can be scheming and illicit activity concerning career and reputation.

Those born under this influence can suffer nightmares or not dream at all.

Natives act as their own worst enemies and they create boundaries and suffer self-imposed restrictions. They worry about things that are not based in reality, and they can be accused of having a paranoid personality. These people fear others are out to get them, when, in fact, this is just their own imagination most of the time.

This placement can suffer from mental illness. It can get out of hand if natives do not exercise some measure of control over their own thoughts and subconscious fears. They require alone time; however, they are also prone to depression and isolation.


Saturn is exalted at 21 Libra