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Astrology in Action

Pluto Through the Signs by Cara Rungo

Aries Pluto

Pluto is exalted in Aries in some astrological circles. Pluto in the position contributes to a powerful character with remarkable recuperative powers. Sexually sadism and violence is indicated. This person is a violent and dangerous character who has murderous tendencies. This placement is often associated with war and soldiers. This placement would make a fine surgeon also.

Taurus Pluto

Pluto is in its detriment in Taurus. This position is indicative of finding hidden treasures. One with this placement may acquire much wealth through inheritance or even through their own strategic investment. This person is powerful and obstinate. They will win at all costs. This is the placement of the big banking industry--it is powerful money.

Gemini Pluto

Pluto in Gemini portends a deep, penetrating mind capable of unfailing focus. This placement suggests difficulty or obstacles when dealing with paperwork. There could be much paperwork associated with last wills and testaments, death, taxes and insurance. This is an excellent position for research and the researcher.

Cancer Pluto

Pluto in Cancer suggests death of the mother or death experienced in early childhood during the formative years or during infancy. Violence in the home is indicated. The home is often haunted. Birth and death are both ruled by Pluto. This is an excellent position for the midwife or obstetrician.

Leo Pluto

Pluto is exalted in Leo. The Lion is a movie star. This position rises to the top and commands much power. They are obstinate and egotistical. This placement suggests death of children and is often associated with the death of a lover. This is the placement of actor or actress.

Virgo Pluto

Pluto in the position gives a finicky character who is into health food and/or vegetarian lifestyle. This is the placement of the surgeon. You possess a healing ability and vitamins and health food would be beneficial to you. This position makes an excellent doctor or surgeon. It also makes for a good nutritionist.

Libra Pluto

Pluto in Libra is in its fall. Pluto Libra portends difficulty through marriage, partnerships and open enemies. Relationships can lead to sweeping change. There could be violence or domestic abuse within a marriage. This placement is often associated with the death of a spouse. It is an excellent placement for legal research or paralegal.

Scorpio Pluto

Pluto in Scorpio is in its ruler. It is a powerful position for Pluto, lending sexual prowess and personal power. This person is magnetic and sexually attractive. This placement remains virile, unlikely to lead to impotence even in old age. This person gets to the root of any problem and proves a remarkable strategist who will win at all costs. It is an excellent placement for an occultist, researcher, psychologist or investigator.

Sagittarius Pluto

Pluto in Sagittarius lends spiritual power. This person possesses the power to spiritually transcend, and they can also make sweeping change within religion. This position suggests legal dealings in higher courts. Long distance travel can pose a threat. This is an excellent position for ministers, healers and counselors. Legal research and paralegals may fall within this placement also.

Capricorn Pluto

Pluto in Capricorn functions well, but it lends the coldness of Saturn. This position is associated with the death of the father. It is big corporate business. This person is ambitious and can make it to the very top in career. This person possesses the drive to succeed. He or she may appear serious and severe. This is a good placement for corporate executives and politicians.

Aquarius Pluto

Pluto in Aquarius rules the underbelly of society. It rules secret organizations and revolutionary underground political groups. This person is stubborn. He or she possesses the ability to bring real societal change. This is the placement of the revolutionary.

Pisces Pluto

Pluto in Pisces possesses deep insight into the psyche. This person is psychic and may be able to communicate with the dead, most likely through dreams or when in a trance-like state. This person possesses the power to hypnotize. This is an excellent position for psychologists and pharmacists.

Pluto is exalted in Leo