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Astrology in Action


Pisces is represented by the fish. Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. These people feel everything. These people are caring and sympathetic to the human plight. They represent the underdog. Pisces is sensitive, and if someones is rude to them, it can wound deeply. Their sensitive nature makes it nearly impossible for them to accept constructive criticism. They are easily insulted. They refuse to face the truth as they go through life wearing rose-colored glasses.

They can be pathetic complainers. Pisces usually have a kind soul, and they are often shy. But, beware that some lower-evolved Pisces are liars and tricksters. Pisces is the thief of the zodiac. He avoids the truth within himself and in the face of others. He can be a hustler; she can be a gypsy. Strangely, this immoral behavior is sometimes coupled with religious fanaticism, which makes it all the more shameful. Scandal and notoriety can surround Pisces.

Many higher evolved Pisces individuals are religious. They are artistically gifted and loving toward their fellow human beings. This artistic expression can reach transcendental levels.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, and it represents the subconscious mind. The fish rule the dark side of our subconscious and they often suffer from self-inflicted guilt and loneliness. They are poetic and moody. Pisces is sometimes psychic, usually receiving visions through dreams.

In love, Pisces is quick to fall in love. They are romantic, dreamy and can create a picturesque encounter. They have the power to hypnotize. But, they are fickle. Pisces isn't overly jealous like other water signs. They do have a tendency toward co-dependency. And, they get their way through guilt and tears.

Pisces are prone to issues involving the feet. They can also suffer from indigestion and intestinal problems. They prove quite fertile. Many Pisces battle depression, mental illness and drug addiction. Pill popping seems popular amongst the fish.

Pisces make great poets, artists, photographers, writers, dream interpreters, religious servants, serfs, gypsies, hospice care workers, rescue and foster care volunteers and dealers in liquids.

February 20 - March 20

  • Motto: I DREAM
  • Color: PURPLE and SEA GREEN
  • Planet: NEPTUNE
  • Triplicity: WATER
  • Quadrant: CADENT
  • Quadruplicity: MUTABLE
  • Metal: PLATINUM
  • Apostle:


  • JADE

Pisces in Love

You are emotional, sensitive and most romantic in love. Sexually, you are a gentle lover, who is patient and caring. You can create the fantasy that your lover desires. Often, you assume a submissive role during sex, and there is quite possibly a foot fetish. Just remember not to confuse your role in a relationship outside the bedroom doors, Pisces.