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Astrology in Action

Moon Through the Signs by Cara Rungo

Aries Moon

Moon in Aries is not a good placement. You are emotionally tempestuous and you experience many fits of anger. You are a fighter by nature, and you will not back down from a battle. In fact, you probably started the conflict.

You love fast, risky and daring ventures, and you live recklessly. You are independent, strong and a leader in your circle. You possess great passion in any undertaking. You are energetic and always maintain a youthful appearance. You are usually the first in line, and you must curb your tendencies toward greed, selfishness and creating conflict.

The mother was selfish and angry, possibly brutal and violent . There is often early childhood sexual abuse. Your expend much energy in the home, but cleaning your house doesn't quell the war zone in which you live. There is much inner family feuding, and the relationship with the mother is stressful, sparking arguments between the two of you. You blame her for events that happened in early childhood.

Taurus Moon

This is an excellent position as the moon is exalted here. You love money. You love food. You love food and money. Money and food. You love home-baked cookies fresh from the oven, you love fresh crisp hundred dollar bills and you love land. You need security; you don?t feel secure unless you own a home. You prefer to live in the country, but because of career, you could make exceptions. A slow lifestyle suits you well as you love to stop and smell the flowers along the way. Your sense of smell is keen, and you adore sweet soaps and body splashes and perfumes. The money fluctuates much like the Moon. Money exits as easily as it enters. There could be a pattern that plays out where you spend more money when you are emotionally upset.

Your mother or mother figure was loving, caring and fed you well. You home will be comfortable and filled with luxurious surroundings. Your mother was an austere but nurturing individual who was probably a den mother for the Boys and Girl Scouts. This position suggests money coming from the mother.

Gemini Moon

You love your family. You have a larger family unit that is close-knit. There are plenty of siblings, cousins and neighbors around you with which you communicate. You are intelligent, witty and charming. You love learning new things, and you pick up on new subjects that you are interested in rather quickly. You have vast interests, and you are curious about all sorts of stuff. If the moon is severely afflicted, you might have suffered from some sort of learning disabilities in early childhood, like reading problems or dyslexia. Reading problems could stem not from learning disabilities, but rather from boredom or impatience with one subject. They may suffer from hyperactivity or ADHD. You prefer to live near your family, and you are a great communicator.

Your mother or mother figure was distant, talkative, and she was always on the phone or the internet. She was given to flights of fancy or accused of being spaced out. She was always involved in the latest gossip circles. Your home will be filled with educational and communicative devices. Mother surrounded you with books and encouraged learning in early childhood.

Cancer Moon

The Moon is comfortable here in her home--she is dignified. You are close to your mother and you view her as a wonderful nurturer who gave you everything you needed. You are close to your siblings. You maintain close family ties and keep with your clan as many big families do.

You are psychic. You are a sensitive to others and can almost know what they are going to say or how they feel about a subject or even how they feel about you. This automatically lets you know whether you like a person or not. You tend to not like people who you feel have snubbed you or if you think they do not like you. You?re changeable and people accuse you of being too moody, soaking up other peoples' moods like a sponge. Cancer Moon people should strive to surround themselves with positive, happy people to avoid this tendency to change moods to fit other people.

You are a good nurturer and people automatically love you and think the world of you. As a parent, you take parental duties seriously, and believe that both mother and father should be consistent and work together. You are able to give children a well-rounded education in life. Moon people are caring and loving, but they are prone to being overly sensitive and prone to tears.

The mother was a homemaker, offering a cozy place to sit and plenty of good home-cooked meals. Her hospitality extended to all your friends in childhood. Early childhood memories are usually happy. This sign can recall early childhood memories from a younger age than most--even infancy.

Leo Moon

The moon is uncomfortable in the sign of Leo. You love the show, and wish it to never end--your show, that is. You are showy, glamorous and you love everything sparkly. You love all things beautiful, and would not be caught dead parading around with a partner who is anything but astonishingly gorgeous. You are an actor, and you like to talk to yourself on a regular basis. You pretend someone is always watching you in act and deed. You love cats best; you are not a dog person. People in your life have a huge ego to contend with when dealing with you. You are boastful and self-centered, often neglecting the needs of others because you are so concerned with your own needs. You can be a big baby, acting out if you don't get your way.

Your mother or mother figure was a starlet. She was beautiful, glamorous and had no shortage of gentlemen callers. She loved her children fiercely, but her ego may have overshadowed her children's ability to blossom on their own. She was creative, inspiring her children to take up artistic hobbies. The home was opulent and filled with much artwork and romanticism.

Virgo Moon

You love to nurture and take care of those around you. It's the little things that are important to you. You need order, organization and routine in your life. You probably live with a strict, self-induced regimen that you never deviate from. You can be ultra-critical and sharp-tongued. You might be a vegetarian or vegan. You are health-conscious, understanding that a balanced diet and exercise maintain good health. You are a tidy person. If the moon is severely afflicted, you might have suffered from some sort of illness in early childhood. Also, an afflicted moon could produce a messy pig that never cleans up after themselves. You love numbers and feel at home within the world of mathematics. You also are adept at communicating your emotions, which you understand on a mental level. You over-analyze everything, including all your emotions and why you feel them. When it comes to love, you head always rules over your heart. You are quite fond of small household pets; you do not prefer exotic pets.

Your mother or mother figure might have suffered some ailment or been sickly. The mother also might have worked in the healthcare industry. Your childhood home was impeccably neat, and mother may have been somewhat of a neurotic neat freak. She encouraged cleanliness, hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

Libra Moon

You are charming loving and kind. You are genuinely a nice person, or at least you try to be. You always think in sets of two or we or us--never I. There may a penchant for items that make you beautiful, whether it be cosmetics, perfume or jewelry. These items are staples in your life--you don't leave home without them. You are in love with love. Libra is always floating on a cloud of love, needing to be partnered up at all times. You might suffer from co-dependency. Marriage is important to a person with Libra moon; he or she will likely marry young unless Saturn is involved. Divorce is devastating to people with this moon sign placement.

Your mother or mother figure was a polite socialite. She always played the good hostess, and she was never inhospitable. There may have been divorce in the early childhood. Mother expected polite manners from her children. Your home could have been a war zone, where you played the peacemaker.

Scorpio Moon

The Moon is uncomfortable in Scorpio as it lies in its fall. It complicates the emotions and makes for an emotional abyss. This makes you passionate and feeling, somewhat psychic and uncannily able to feel the emotions of others. However, you keep your emotions secret as is the nature of Scorpio. You must curb the tendency to stalk those you love, as you are prone to obsession. You also suffer from many undesirable behaviors and habits. You lash out and hurt those that you love if you feel that they've slighted you, even unintentionally. You may subscribe to mysticism.

Early childhood leaves you mistrusting of people as mother broke your trust and kept many secrets. There are many family secrets and sexual abuse in early childhood. She ruled through guilt and power plays, but defended her child and her beliefs. Mom got her way. From your mother, you learned to fight for what you want, and you also learned how to win through extreme measures.

Sagittarius Moon

You love your freedom and value your independence. Moon in Sagittarius will defend his or her freedoms at all costs.You are passionate and exciting, yet you possess much horse sense to prevent you from doing anything too impractical. You love life, and enjoy learning about a myriad of subjects. You are a spiritual person, and you would like to believe that there is a greater purpose for all you do. You love to travel and explore new lands and immerse yourself in rich culture. You are never afraid to try new things. Throughout life, you will continue to grow as your breadth of knowledge expands. You might find love in a foreign country--quite commonly from the Orient.

Your mother or mother figure was a philosophical person never short on dispensing advice about life. She was wise, judgmental and possibly religious. Mother traveled either mentally, spiritually or physically.

Capricorn Moon

Moon lies in its detriment when found in Capricorn, lending toward a cold, unfeeling emotional state. You are concerned with aging, and your biggest fear is growing old. You were likely a late bloomer in early childhood. You are mentally and emotionally mature unless the moon is severely afflicted. You are practical and you love the elderly, saving a special place in your heart for grandma.

The mother was cold and neglectful. She might have appeared rather stern and was swift to discipline. You may have suffered from hunger in early childhood, whether from lack of financial capability or abuse. The home was probably filled with antiques and old things, including clocks. Somehow, time played an important role in your childhood; either you couldn't wait to grow up or you were late in developing.

Aquarius Moon

This is a airy moon, lending inquisitiveness and wit. You love the unique, odd, the bizarre, the freak show. You are quirky and fun to be around and you love all of humanity--you're not picky. You are emotionally aloof and cold, preferring to let your head rule your heart. You love your friends, and you believe that life with friends is worth living. If married, you have a great relationship with your in-laws unless the moon is heavily afflicted. You may be a new-age thinker, delving into astrology.

Your mother or mother figure was unusual with eclectic tastes. She had a number of acquaintances and she might have been rather charitable and forgiving of poverty. She instilled the basics that you should follow your hopes and dreams, whatever they may lead. The home may have been comprised of milled together pieces of furniture and odd novelty items. She had an eclectic assortment of items in the home while growing up--sometimes a downright weird museum.

Pisces Moon

Moon is comfortable in Pisces, ebbing and flowing with the moon's tides. You need alone time to emotionally heal from wounds, which are many. You are ultra-sensitive and your feelings are easily hurt. Melancholia may plague you and depression is not uncommon. In a relationship, there is a tendency to be co-dependent. You might even be afraid to be alone with yourself for fear that all your emotional upheaval will come flooding back onto you. But, what you don't realize, for one reason or another, is that you are actually a strong person. You are psychic, uncannily knowing things without explanation. You may even be a gypsy mystic who dabbles in the occult. There is a fondness for small household pets.

The mother was a matyr who rescued bad people from themselves, pets from the human society and stray childhood friends from their bad home life. She was preoccupied. You may have raised yourself, or you could have been raised in a foster home or some sort of institution. Drugs and alcohol play a role in the home during early childhood. She may have been a prisoner. This position portends early childhood trauma. 

The Moon is exalted at 3 Taurus

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