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Lilith, dark moon, black moon, demon, astrology, true lilith, mean lilith

Lilith Through the Signs and Houses of the Zodiac by Cara Rungo

Lilith the asteroid, Black Moon Lilith or Lilith the Dark Moon. Lilith is a hypothetical earthly satellite found within a void that falls between the Earth and the Moon's orbital apogee as seen from Earth. This mythical "Shadow Sister" of the Earth holds much mystery and unharnessed power. It functions as a dichotomous representation of the feminine instinct, and it is astrologically significant.

Although not much information is available about Lilith in respect to astrology, we base our meaning of it on mythology and biblical references.

Throughout history, there have been numerous references and alleged sightings of Lilith, who is supposed to be the Earth's second Moon. Lilith is portrayed throughout history as a demoness, a Succubus, a harlot.

In the bible, she is referred to as the Screech Owl. She was thought to be Adam's first wife who escaped the garden of Eden to sleep with devils and bore thousands of demonic children. She is portrayed as sexually abhorous and primal. However, she is empowered and possesses an independent spirit that enjoys sexual freedom. The Dark Moon is associated with sexual energy, the taboo, the forbidden fruits are her deepest desire, which she surely will have.


Lilith, dark moon, black moon, demon, true lilith, mean lilith

Lilith is the opposite of the nurturer. She represents the darker side of motherhood--she is child abuse and neglect, the child killer, death of children and the guilty mother and all negative debris associated with child rearing. Also, she is associated with fertility and sexual prowess, an innate animalistic nature bent on lust and unorthodox societal behaviors, potentially creating tangled messes in our lives.

In a man's chart, the Dark Moon position denotes what kind of woman he deeply desires but fears. It is his mother and his lover's darkest traits, his attraction and repulsion to such. This is the woman to which he is magnetically attracted, vulnerable and harmed by. Lilith also shows what sort of mistress a man shall take.

In a woman's chart, Lilith's natal positioning represents how she feels as a woman, her feminine identity and body image. It is her innate sexual instinct and what attracts her that is harmful to her. It shows how she functions as a mother, a daughter, a sexual partner.

Lilith is our darker side of what we wish to be closer to. She is our shadowed mistress, temptation, dangerous and intense attraction, abuse at the hand our of mothers. Lilith is the darker side of your illuminating, nurturing Moon.

Here is Lilith's placement through the signs and/or houses, giving insight into her darker meaning.

Lilith's interpretation depends on the chart as a whole. These are meant to portray the extreme darker side of Lilith. 

Lilith in Aries or 1st First House

Lilith in Aries or the first house is sexually licentious and immodest, exploiting her physical body. Exotic dancing, pornography and other shameless activities that reveal her nakedness suit her. What she shows you is tempting. She suffers from esteem issues, and she needs to be adored for her physical form. Lilith in Aries subjects herself to unspeakable disrespect and degradation. She hides her leadership qualities, opting to show her baser instinct. She is violent and blood-letting in her dealings with lovers. She is a storm, culminating war and anger around herself. She is prone to childish temperament and lying. As a mother, she is self-absorbed and angry, using corporal punishment to discipline her children. She proves dangerous and even murderous to her lovers. As a mistress, she plays the role of the homewrecker, bulking at nothing to get what she wants. (more...)

Lilith in Taurus or 2nd Second House

Lilith in Taurus or the second house is sexually dirty, as her naturalness is embraced; she is no friend of soap and water. She delights in sex in its most earthly, feral form. She truly loves the smell of sex and money. Her scent is alluring, whether it is her natural musky scent or artificial sweetness. She is stubborn and will not be controlled. She is immodest in her spending. She hides her finances and is capable of murder for monetary gain. Lilith placed here indicates shamelessness and waste in her financial dealings. As a mother, she is controlling over the children as she strips them from their possessions. As a lover, she is a drain on the pocketbook. As a mistress, she is aims to take money and possessions that are not hers. She is the prostitute. (more...)

Lilith in Gemini or 3rd Third House

Lilith is exalted in Gemini. Lilith in Gemini or the third house expresses duplicity and is never sexually faithful. She is two different people and hides beneath the Gemini mask. She adores her make-up as it hides who she really is. She is gifted with a snake's tongue and a brilliant cunning mind. Lilith in Gemini exploits the mind and ideas, making lovers think it is their own idea. She talks dirty. She tempts you with her words and plants dirty thoughts; her voice is sexy. She corrupts the young. As a mother, she educates her child on how to manipulate others and she plays favorites. She amuses herself as she pits her children against their siblings; she exposes them to inappropriate information. Relationships with her own siblings are likely strained or estranged. She lies to her children. As a lover, she is a promiscuous liar. As a mistress, she is kept waiting. Lilith harms by shamelessly revealing the most intimate details and spreading vicious rumors. (more...)

Lilith in Cancer or 4th Fourth House

Lilith in her detriment in Cancer. Lilith in Cancer or in the fourth house is an unhappy placement, indicating hidden emotions coupled with traumatic childhood experiences that intermittently surface as unhealthy emotional outbursts. Sexual abuse is likely in this position during early childhood. She exploits the feelings of others to her advantage. Her seeming innocence lures in potential lovers. As a mother, she is childlike, and the children must coddle her. She may neglect their early childhood needs as they are busy taking up concern for her needs. She may have difficulty during birth, may be barren or other people may serve as a substitute parent. If she cannot bare children, this would cause her extreme emotional turmoil. The early childhood home is littered with secrets. As a lover, she harms others emotionally, using her children as a pawn. As a mistress, she plays the victim, displaying her over-the-top outcry for help. (more...)

Lilith in Leo or 5th Fifth House

Lilith in Leo or in the fifth house expresses her sexuality in an animalistic way. She tempts through her ability to feed one's animal desires. She hides her inner actress and opts for a more overbearing tyrannical personality. She is controlling. She is a child abuser and a liar. She is creative when her art is released. But, wasted talent can result out of fear of expressing this creation side of the self. As a mother, her children remain in her shadow; she hides her children. She minimizes their existence in some way by conveying the internal message that they and their opinions are unimportant and never asked for. As a lover, she creates the perfect fantasy. As a mistress, she is robbed of her limelight, and denied the center stage that Leo desires. (more...)

Llith in Virgo or 6th Sixth House

Lilith in Virgo or in the sixth house expresses her sexuality in an inhibited way. She may suffer from confusion between the Eve/Lilith Mary/Naughty dichotomy. She hides her sexuality--a wolf in sheep's clothing. She lures with her words. She talks dirty. She exploits her own willingness to please and serve. She is the sexual servant in a most degrading way. She delights in perversions of all kinds; she corrupts the young. There is a connection between Virgo and anal sex. As a mother, she is ultra-critical, teaching hygiene and cleanliness. She may neglect her children's day-to-day needs. She might either be sentenced to nurturing a sick child or she herself suffers from health ailments. In early childhood, her day-to-day needs were neglected, possibly substituting a nurse or nanny. As a lover, she is critical and sharp-tongued. As a mistress, she is kept waiting, harming with her harsh critical words. (more...)

Lilith in Libra or 7th Seventh House

Lilith in Libra or in the seventh house expresses herself through another person. Relationships might somehow cause her to err, and her partner choice may cause much suffering. She may choose violent partners who hurt her. Her sweet persona is alluring. She's a real lady--flirtatious and charming. But, beneath the exterior lies a jealous angry lover who seems forever involved in tempestuous relationships or marriages. Lilith in Libra denotes divorce, as Lilith cannot remain subservient. Extramarital love affairs and violence are commonplace within the marriage. As a mother, she is unfair and rules with harsh discipline. There may be messy custody or legal battles concerning the children. As a lover, she is aggressive, yet co-dependent. As a mistress, she causes divorce. (more...)

Lilith in Scorpio or 8th Eighth House

Lilith in Scorpio or in the eighth house is the devil incarnate. She exploits others sexually. She delights in knowing other peoples' deepest secrets, yet she will never admit her own. She is magnetic and sexually seductive more than any other Lilith placement. She is the succubus. She is the faithful keeper of secrets that will never confess to all her innumerable immodest acts. As a mother, she is abusive and sadistic. This position is associated with severe child abuse, flagellation and sexual abuse during early childhood. This is often a cycle, as the person with Lilith in Scorpio was also subjected to abuse in childhood. Death of children in the placement is possible. As a lover, she is manipulative, using her sexual prowess to gain the upper hand in any relationship. Sex is her best weapon. Jealousy and obsessive stalking behavior is common, making her dangerous in love. She would not even balk at murder. As a mistress, she aims to take other peoples' money and possessions. She is the prostitute. (more...)

Lilith in Sagittarius or 9th Ninth House

Lilith is in her fall in Sagittarius. Lilith in Sagittarius or in the ninth house laced here makes unwise decisions and does not learn from mistakes. She is dedicated to her secret philosophies, and she judges harshly. This position denotes hypocrisy and lying. She is sexual blasphemy, using sex as a spiritual purge. Lilith here exploits her experience, compelling a lover to try her; she corrupts the young. As a mother, she gives no advice, keeping her children uneducated in the ways of the world. They must fend for themselves as she will never tell them. She lies to her children. As a lover, she is spiritually and sexually free, offering release from inhibition. There may be distance between her and the one she loves. As a mistress, she provides an escape, but ultimately, she is kept waiting. (more...)

Lilith in Capricorn or 10th Tenth House

Lilith is dignified in Capricorn. Lilith in Capricorn or in the tenth house is practical. Lilith is also ambitious and goal-oriented to the point of alienation of all others. Bad choices cause her to topple from the top, where she so badly wants to be. The reputation is somehow marred by sexual scandal.. She will exploit her personal power, using sex as her weapon. Her appearance that she has it all together lures lovers to her. She may also appear innocent as Capricorn often does. As a mother, she denies her children of basic needs--hunger and cold are denoted. This position can indicate severe deprivation in early childhood. The mother with Capricorn in Lilith is unloving and cold. As a lover, she hides emotions, appearing cold and severe. She remains reticent in love and cannot seem to express her deeply felt feelings. As a mistress, she causes downfall of people in power. (more...)

Lilith in Aquarius or 11th Eleventh House

Lilith in Aquarius or in the eleventh house suffers from thwarted hope and dreams. Erroneous life choices cause disastrous change and instability. Homelessness is commonplace. Bad choices also cause loss of friends over the years. There could be estrangement from children and relationships with in-laws will be disruptive. She is stubborn and associates with the wrong type of people. Sexually, Lilith in Aquarius is magnetic and experimental. She tempts with her experimentative sexual openness. She is immodest in the bedroom, willing to try anything. She is the swinger. As a mother, she dashes her children's hopes and dreams. She is cold, starving them of emotional expression. As a lover, she is promiscuous and freedom-loving, and she will not be pinned down. As a mistress, she causes chaos. (more...)

Lilith in Pisces or 12th Twelfth House

Lilith in Pisces or in the twelfth house is secretive and suffers from martyrdom. The perpetual victim exploiting the sympathy of others to her own delight. Lilith here suffers from subconscious ailments and mental illness. She hides her wounds as this placement denotes sexual abuse and trauma during early childhood. Sexual inhibition and confusion is likely. She ties herself to the dregs of society, allowing herself to be demeaned and used to satisfy the lower basic instincts of humankind. Temptation lies in her power to hypnotize and create the perfect sexual fantasy; she fills her lovers' cup with their most desired poison. As a mother, she is prone to drug use and insanity. She neglects her children's day-to-day needs. As a lover, she is secretive and promiscuous. Many clandestine affairs are indicated. As a mistress, she is kept waiting in a shadowy fog of confusion. (more...)

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This is not a complete report.

Your Moon & Lilith in Your Chart

General Overview—Your Moon—Both Light and Dark

Your Natal Moon

The Moon points to what you love, what or whom you feel warm and caring toward. It is the mother, young children, older women, mother figures, including grandmother, the early childhood and its memories and home life, the home, the feminine nature, the mothering instinct. The Moon rules our habits and patterns of behavior. She is the nurturer. The relationship with the mother, children, and how we nurture or how we experience and remember our childhood is different depending on Moon placement by sign, house and aspect.

With your natal Moon in the twelfth house of Gemini, you love communication in all its glorious forms. You love mental conundrums and probably are guilty of playing Sudoku. Gemini folks are easily distracted and they seem to be in a world all their own.

Your mother was person who was too interested in the rest of the world and too interested in others to be concerned for you. You were more like a trophy or “just for show” as she was busy with everything and everyone else. You probably almost felt invisible, and she was more doting over children who were not hers or who should have come second to you. The words, “poor little orphan girl” come to mind. This could be literally or figuratively speaking.

Playing second fiddle and desperately vying for the attention of your own mother definitely takes its toll....

....Moon in the twelfth house tells us to look to Neptune also as the twelfth is the natural ruler here. So, your Moon is comfortable, strong and intuitive here.

You possess a sensitive nature, but you are fickle and changeable as is the Moon, especially with Gemini. Moods can take hold of you. You have a bad side, and can be quite the traitor toward your people. A Jeckyll and Hyde complex lurks beneath the surface.

As we look to Neptune in Sagittarius in the sixth house, this indicates a person who takes advantage of government in some form or another (i.e., welfare fraud, Social Security Disability fraud, etc.) Sagittarian truth gets muddled here somehow. One client I know personally has Neptune in Sagittarius in the sixth house, and she has defrauded the government her entire adult life. She has admittedly been guilty of defrauding several government agencies, forgery and passing bad checks, etc. Fraud is definitely denoted. Somehow Sagittarian truth is twisted with Neptune in the sixth house.

Moon in the twelfth opposition Neptune in the sixth indicates some sort of connection with large institutions (i.e., prison, hospitals, government, etc.)

Because Virgo rules small pets, Neptune here gives an uncommon psychic connection with pets. You have an innate ability to communicate with animals on a supernatural level. You understand what they say, and they are drawn to you.

With Neptune in the sixth house, illnesses are often hard to diagnose. Homeopathic treatments and meditation are extremely effective for you....

....Pluto in your fourth house sextile to Neptune (ghosts, supernatural, etc.) and trine the Gemini Moon (communication) suggests you have had experiences with the unknown, the unseen, and some time during your life, your house was haunted. This is a life pattern, so there will be several supernatural experiences. Communication with the dead is strong here. There may be the ability to hear them or talk with them. This ability might be achieved through electronic audio devices. You would be quite successful with EVP recordings, or video or photographs. One thing is certain—you hear the dead. I say it is mainly auditory because Saturn (the ears and hearing) is conjunct Pluto.

The sensitive Moon in the sign of communicative Gemini also makes talking, hearing, speaking with the undead possible. This could also make you a successful automatic writer.

Lilith by Sign

Your Lilith in Aquarius

You are a free spirit. The independence within you must have room to maneuver and grow. You are a true humanitarian, whose helpfulness proves too much at times as you tend to put your own life on the back burner while helping others. You must have complete freedom, and because Lilith falls into your eighth house, you demand sexual freedom. You might even be a swinger. If not a swinger, you are experimental, having tolerance for other peoples’ sexual preferences. Bisexual behavior is common with this placement, as bohemian Aquarius enjoys the unorthodox. Any comfortable relationship you enter must not attach too many obligations or strings. You will always remain somewhat detached no matter how long you’ve been with a partner.

Lilith placed here can dash dreams, hopes and wishes. Rebellious groups and associations bring sorrow. Humanitarian groups can prove deceitful or burdening.

Friends seem a problematic source for you throughout life—either you choose the wrong ones and misjudge them, or you leave when you realize they require too much of your precious time. Friendships that are formed must not become an imposition. You cannot understand statement like: “friendship is everything,” or “Gotta have friends.” These silly statements mean nothing to you. Instability and the Aquarius Lilith person go hand in hand. There is much wandering, which disrupts and/or end friendships. You are a loner, preferring acquaintances. You are attracted to liberal, humanitarian or rebellious groups. Beware off-beat associations twisting into something rather negative....

...Choice of lovers is unusual or deemed against the societal norm.

In fact, one client of mine with Lilith in Aquarius admittedly carried on a sexual relationship with her first cousin for many years. They had a child together and planned to marry. Both his and her family disowned them, her friends stopped speaking to her, and they became the constant brunt of “kissin’ cousin” and “inbred” jokes and/or comments. Unable to shake the negative stigma of being involved in an incestuous relationship, she eventually moved away from her estranged family and friends, and never told another person (other than her astrologer) they were cousins. Yet, she continued to stand by her unorthodox Uranian choice in the face of mounting opposition from society. She was determined to marry him (a first-cousin marriage at the time was legal in only 26 states). That is the essence of the Lilith in Aquarius....

....Musical talent and/or appreciation is another manifestation of this eighth house Uranian Lilith. You have a pronounced sense of rhythm in and out of the bedroom. And, even if you play no musical instrument, you can detect the slightest off-key note. However, your creative insight comes in flashes, and you might prove a musical genius. You have creative talent when it comes to music. This creative inspiration is reinforced by Uranus sextile Mercury, which rules communication, the senses, including hearing and intricate things that require agile hands. Moreover, Uranus squares Venus, who is musical in herself. With a second-house Venus (Taurus) and a fourth-house Mercury (Libra) aspecting Uranus, there is an odd, or unusually beautiful quality to the voice.

Unpleasant sounds negatively affect you, especially. You are sensitive to the hum of electronics and white noise agitates you. You have the ability to sense things that most people cannot (i.e., sounds out of the normal human hearing range)....

Lilith by House

Your Lilith in the 8th House

You are an intense sexual being. Sexual relationships are quite dynamic because Lilith lies in the 8th house of Scorpio. Let’s look to Pluto. You are easily enticed by sexually provocative situations and people and also dangerous people and situations. Your fascination with death and sex and the underbelly of the society is apparent. You are extremely secretive and there are many mysteries surrounding your sexual life. You maintain discreet relationships with sexual partners, so no one quite knows what you’re really up to. You are no stranger to passion and sexual obsession. Morals may be lacking in this particular placement.

You possess much power whether or not you realize it. You may subconsciously suppress people with your innate power for good or ill. Moreover, you may be in contact with powerful people.

This placement of Lilith often brings death and losses of loved ones in early childhood. You understand that death is a part of life. You deal with loss better than most, and have probably encountered it a lot in your years. Death has touched you in both a literal and figurative sense. In the latter, you could have experienced a spiritual death. You could be a practitioner of the black witchcraft. In the former, actual death of those around you affected you deeply. The early childhood could have involved death of the parents, especially the father. Pluto conjunct Saturn in the fourth house suggests that the father was abruptly taken from you in your formative years (before aged four).

Because Pluto falls into the fourth house of the mother, the home, early childhood, the end of life and the grave, we can assume your mother and childhood was a brutal and painful experience for you....

....Venus suggests that you encounter problems with the same sex, and women often stand in your way. You receive no cooperation from females. Women are jealous of you, and they have always acted underhanded toward you. You can’t trust them. But, you, also have returned the favor, and you are vicious when it comes to other women. Therefore, since this is a life pattern, you closest and best friends are male.

Venus in loose opposition to Lilith indicates there is external conflicts with others concerning money and shared resources, especially when woman are concerned. There will be legal problems involving women, inheritances, money, shared resources, and any money derived from eighth house matters. Relationship matters may suffer because of financial tug-of-war. Money is always in the forefront of any relationship disagreement. You are tempted to spend too much money on gambling. The second house ruler of Leo denotes that there is a gambling and wanton disregard for thrift. Debt could be extreme, and repairing credit could be costly. You could be a shopaholic. Partners might usurp your control of your money or vice versa. Either way, money, and how either you or your partner spend it or are denied it will be a point of contention.

Mars opposing the eighth house Lilith signifies that you are filled with boundless sexual energy, and you are often accused of wearing out your partners. You have good sexual rhythm and timing. You move well. Mars is the planet of war; therefore, you there could be a brutal, sadistic edge to your lovemaking. There will be metal involved in the sexual arena (metal framed bed, handcuffs, weapons, etc.) I think biting is also happening here....

Lilith in Aspect

Major and Minor Aspects

Lilith inconjunct Ascendant—means that the outward person you show to the world at large and your sexual tastes do not ever work together. You can indulge sexually, and you can present yourself to others, but you cannot do both concurrently. It’s either one or the other. You are kinky, raw, energetic—a real sexual dynamo. However, you portray a rather demure, normal monogamous, shy nice girl image. Cancer vs. Aquarius. The crab hides in a shell. Cancer’s shell is harder to penetrate than any other sign—even Scorpio. They can be seemingly cold and unfeeling. Why? Cancers are sensitive creatures capable of being victim to deep emotional wounding. Their defense mechanism is this stoic aloofness that can be colder than you’ve ever seen, especially when it’s rising. Aquarius is also aloof, but for different reasons.

You suffer from two main issues here....

Lilith quindecile Sun— suggests that you exhibit obsessive-compulsive behavior regarding sexual communication. You talk dirty. You probably make others shy away from you with your intense sexual talk. You must have something to obsess about in order to function as the Sun is your entire essence, and you experience this quindecile at an exact 0º orb. You are fixated on perfection and with the written and spoken word. You can never be accused of misspelling anything, and you might enjoy linguistics. You read between the lines when people speak, overanalyzing what they say. You pay attention to detail. You are motivated by a need for communication....You suffer from actual obsessive-compulsive disorder, and with Virgo involved, there is probably counting of items and repetitive daily tasks such as hitting the light switch three times every time or checking to see if the door is secured repeatedly. For you, this could involve saying a word several times over and over....

....Lilith quintile Uranus—means you are blessed with a gift of bringing romance into any sexual relationship you enter. You have instant insight into what a sexual partner needs, and you provide it in large quantities. You experiment with an open mind, and introduce lovers to the new and untried. This subtle, positive aspect allows you to take lovers on a spiritual ride. Sexual creativity is pronounced. Brief sexual affairs or affairs with unobtainable people are denoted.

How to Work Through Your Lilith

Lilith affects our choices, and she tempts us with unsavory things that make us stray from our path.

Each of us must come to terms with our own demons and battle them our own way. You are battling between security and insecurity. Your “little lost orphan” mentality gives you a need to belong. You feel alone in this world, and yearn for companionship. However, true companionship requires commitment, which frightens you. You need to strike a balance here.

Indulgence can lead to your finding yourself in unstable situations. You must think about where you want to be tomorrow before saying yes to temptation tonight. People tend to get carried away in their quest for pleasure, seeking out what they can find within. It would be shameful to work and build so long and hard to have it all destroyed in one shocking Uranian moment.

Your creativity is off the charts, and you have what it takes to be a real inventor. You are brilliantly inclined, grasping deep insight into what people really desire—your finger is on the public pulse. You are trendy, biting and captivating. Take extra steps to avoid faddism.

You’re truly gifted artistically and musically. Your sense of color is impeccable. You are an artiste.

You possess the gift of sight. You receive lightening-like visions of truth that inspire you to create. This insight that is seemingly plucked from the depths awes the masses. But, it’s just your Uranus vision becoming clearer. Utilize your ability for good as Lilith can be creative, motivational and intuitive. So, between creative ingenuity, your right on time flashes of intuition and making right choices, regarding Scorpionic-Uranian matters, Lilith can express herself in a positive way. Avoid rebellious groups and organizations. Be only a creative rebel.

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This is not a complete report.

Your Moon & Lilith in Your Chart

General Overview—Your Moon—Both Light and Dark

Your Natal Moon

The Moon points to what you love, what or whom you feel warm and caring toward. It is the mother, young children, older women, mother figures, including grandmother, the early childhood and its memories and home life, the home, the feminine nature, the mothering instinct. The Moon rules our habits and patterns of behavior. She is the nurturer. The relationship with the mother, children, and how we nurture or how we experience and remember our childhood is different depending on Moon placement by sign, house and aspect.

With your natal Moon in the fourth house of Scorpio, your mother was a strong, fierce individual to be reckoned with. She manipulated you and others around her. She demanded her will be done. She ruled through guilt, manipulation and withholding. She fought to the death for her beliefs, and she ran her own life and yours. Even when you were old enough to realize her tactics, you continued to allow it. Mother had many secrets, and so do you.

The home life was a dark, private place in your early childhood. Because the Moon occupies the most private part of your chart, the Nadir, you continually hide pain you experienced in early childhood. This is the most personal part of you that few people know.

Sun trine your natal Moon suggests that mother and father were in agreement when you were a child. Home life might not have been healthy, but it was stable as far as your parents maintaining a family unit and not moving around too much, etc. The childhood home was well-rooted. You would make an excellent parent and would take your parental role seriously....

....Neptune in the fourth house in Sagittarius denotes mother was quite spiritual and you are spiritual. This cloaks home life in confusion and secrets. Again, we have secrets in the home. There may have been a ghostly haunting or some other otherworldly supernatural activity in the home. You will always have this activity in the home as this is natal, and as you know, Neptune does not progress much throughout our lives. There is living next to a body of water, owning property with a pond, beachfront property, etc....

....Moon in the fourth house tells us to look to Cancer also as the fourth is the natural ruler here. So, your moon is accidentally dignified. It is strong here. This suggests oral fixation, bodily roundness and love of food. You maintain private habits that probably involve the mouth, saliva, stomach and bodily fluids, (i.e., nail-biting, spitting, etc.)....

Lilith by Sign

Your Lilith in Pisces

You were neglected as a child and your dreams thwarted. You might have not been allowed to dream as a youngster. It might have been viewed as a useless waste of time, building castles in the air, etc. As example, you’re parents may have disapproved of you obtaining that fine arts degree that many parents disapprove of as it is not a real goal or a real job. Parents tell children things like, “Be a doctor or a lawyer or anything but that. They don’t call them starving artists for no reason.” So, somehow the dreamer in you turned inward, and a vivid, private world unfurled. And, fantasizing is okay to a point. With Lilith here, you tend to take it to an extreme place. With Lilith trine the Sun and Saturn in the twelfth house, besides fantasizing while in a waking state, you often suffer from nightmares when not in a dreamless state. You worry about being left all alone.

To prevent this aloneness, you take in too many strays or down-trodden sexual partners. You invite unhealthy people into your life. You don’t have sexual partners—you have caseloads. Either that or your partner feels that you need serious counseling and you are searching for someone who can fill this capacity. What you search is a confessor, a psychologist—not just a lover. And, this is a tall order to fill, which most people would just shrug their shoulders and give up on you. There is a tendency to waver between co-dependency and escapism when it comes to your lovers. You suffer from confusion.

You are sympathetic and vulnerable to some, merciful to others. And, to others, even venomous and harmful to others. Pisces is the traitor. Pisces does have a tendency to cause sorrows for others by misplaced helping or just jealousy that others’ lives are so much easier than theirs, etc. I personally have no doubt that Judas was a Pisces....

....Yet, maybe you feel that sex is an inspirational ritual to spark your creative artistic flow. There could be many scenarios here. Two things are certain—you are unrealistic in your view of the sexual experience or lover. Secondly, there is a desire to have sex in search of the perfect otherworldly spiritual union. And, with Neptune ruling here, you indeed can achieve this much like people with Neptune placed in the eighth house.

You might incorporate sexual acts into your spirituality, like dancing naked under the Moon, sexual rites, orgies, etc. This tendency reminds me of Walpugis’ Night or Walpurgisnacht, which is an ancient European Pagan holiday celebrating the Spring Equinox, which is referred to by Neo-Pagans as Beltane.

Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, believed this to be the most evil night of the year. In fact, he founded his church on this holiday. According to LaVey, Walpurgis Night is "….when witches and devils roam the earth, orgiastically glorifying the fruition of the Spring equinox: Walpurgisnacht, the night of April 30th—May 1st." ....

....Neptune square Venus suggests that you are in search of perfection, an infallible truth that you know exists within you. And, you truly believe that God is within us, as Venus falls into your first house of the physical body. You personally believe each person is the embodiment of perfection and God.

Neptune sextile Pluto is a generational aspect that is felt on a not-so-personal level, but more on a societal level. Neither planet is a personal planet. This aspect suggests an opportunity to dig for spiritual truth, to delve deep into the occult and transform religion.

Near the end of your life, you will be deeply spiritual. The final resting place will be located near a body of water for either you or mother.

Lilith by House

Your Lilith in the 8th House

You are an intense sexual being. Sexual relationships are quite dynamic because Lilith lies in the 8th house of Scorpio. Let’s look to Pluto. You are easily enticed by sexually provocative situations and people and also dangerous people and situations. Your fascination with death and sex and the underbelly of the society is apparent. You are extremely secretive and there are many mysteries surrounding your sexual life. You maintain discreet relationships with sexual partners, so no one quite knows what you’re really up to. You are no stranger to passion and sexual obsession.

Because your Pluto falls into the second house of money, beauty and moveable possessions, it is likely that you have secret money dealings. This can involve both your money and other people’s money. With Lilith involved here in the house of sex and other people’s money, prostitution is indicated. Money deals involving sex are certain.

A woman I personally know with Lilith in the eighth house in Scorpio was a prostitute her entire life. She began prostituting at 15 with her elderly father’s friends, who chased her mother and sister around the house when her father was outside or not home. Her mother and her sister did not welcome the sexual advances. The woman said she wished that they had chased her and she wished she were molested. She felt excluded; she felt there was something wrong with her. She wanted to be desired and sexy. She said, “I wondered why no one ever jumped on me and attacked me like they did my mother and my older sister. I wanted to be attacked.” Finally, she approached the old men who subsequently became her customers. Her first customer was in his 80s....

....With your natal Moon is Scorpio; all these experiences are doubly possible. As I stated before, mother was secretive, manipulative and caused you much emotional pain and confusion in your early childhood. She instilled a lot of guilt and you carried with you a feeling that it was your entire fault. So, you learned to take what you want and make people feel that that is what they want. You trick or manipulate people into making them feel that it is they—not you.

The second house rules how much importance you place on a person’s physical attributes. You are quite picky in choosing a sexual mate. Pluto in the second house suggests that you must find your chosen partner sexually magnetic. A regular wallflower just won’t do. Once again, the second house indicates prostitution and other money deals involving sex. Women who earn money in the sex industry probably attract.

Lilith in Aspect

Major and Minor Aspects

Lilith inconjunct Ascendant—means that the outward person you show to the world at large and your sexual tastes do not ever work together. You can indulge sexually, and you can present yourself to others, but you cannot do both concurrently. It’s either one or the other. There is no public display of affection. People acquainted with you on a professional level are unaware of your sexual prowess, viewing you as asexual, morally upright and authoritative. You shy away from being regarded negatively as Leo is always concerned with his public image. Your showy side hides itself during sexual encounters oddly. You allow the partner to take the spotlight as you sacrifice your need for attention during these times. You surrender to your sexual partner in order to allow them to become more powerful than you know you are. Maybe you feel it equals the playing field—like in Richard Connell’s short story titled, The Most Dangerous Game. You find this amusing. Since the ascendant rules the physical body, you might sacrifice your body during sex, including dominant/ submissive behavior....

....Lilith decile Jupiter—points toward a very unique spiritual gift that may not be fully realized. You are creative and can create something out of nothing. Keep in mind there could be a blockage that does not allow these spiritual and creative gifts to grow and unfurl. With Lilith in Pisces and Jupiter in the ninth house, this aspect suggests a strong and positive spiritual nature. You are clairvoyant in a big way. You would excel as a religious leader. You possess much intuition. You are a free thinker with an expansive mind in search of something bigger. A pilgrimage to study religion in a far away land is not to be ruled out....

....Lilith quindecile Pluto—indicates that you exhibit obsessive-compulsive behavior regarding sex. You might become fixated on the object of desire. There is an all-consuming motivation toward achieving ultimate power—cost what it may. Obsessing over sexual partners and involvement in destructive sexual relationships is denoted. You might be obsessed with monetary gain and view sexual partners as possessions. There is a creative streak when it comes to earning money.

How to Work Through Your Lilith

Lilith affects our choices, and she tempts us with unsavory things that make us stray from our path.

Each of us must come to terms with our own demons and battle them our own way. You are battling between right choices and indulgence in baser instinctual needs and material possessions. Earthly pleasures are your fatal temptation, and with wrong choices, you would make a terrible monk! But with upright moral choices and staying the path, you are extremely spiritual, and monastic life may well suit you. At the very least, it will suit you later near the end of life.

The possessions of others make you envious. Why should others have what you don’t? You are creative and have much potential as the extensions of your self scream to be released. However, we cannot release our good within if we are too busy with the outer world.

On a positive note, Lilith is quite creative, motivational and intuitive. So, between creative expression, using your intuition and making right choices, regarding Scorpionic-Neptunian things, this should actuate your Lilith expression in a positive way.

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Photo Credits: Lilith (1892) by John Collier

Her house sinks down to death,

And her course leads to the shades.

All who go to her cannot return

And find again the paths of life.

— Proverbs 2:18–19


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Chiron, sacred warrior, wounded healer, chiron configuration, astrology

Lilith Keywords

  • Capricorn Ruler
  • denial
  • vengeful
  • sexuality
  • untamed desire
  • cavalier
  • vocation
  • motivation
  • fascination
  • maturity
  • equality
  • gender equality
  • breaking the glass ceiling
  • homosexuality
  • lesbianism
  • female genitalia
  • impersonal
  • parentage
  • child abuse
  • child killer
  • death of children
  • the unfit mother
  • miscarriage
  • abortion
  • crib death
  • succubus
  • the prostrate man
  • dominatrix
  • abnormalities
  • exaggeration
  • blockages
  • creativity
  • intuition
  • putrid bodily smells
  • discontent

And like the moon,

she had a side of her so dark,

that even the stars couldn't shine on it;

she had a side of her so cold,

that even the sun couldn't burn on it.

And it made her even more desirable.

~Abigail J.

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Think Gently of the Erring

Think gently of the erring:

Ye know not of the power

With which the dark temptation came

In some unguarded hour.

Ye may not know how earnestly

They struggled, or how well,

Until the hour of weakness came

And sadly thus they fell.

Think gently of the erring:

Oh! do not thou forget,

However darkly stained by sin

He is thy brother yet;

Heir of the selfsame heritage,

Child of the selfsame God,

He has but stumbled in the path

Thou hast in weakness trod.

Speak gently to the erring:

For is it not enough

That innocence and peace have gone,

Without thy censure rough?

It sure must be a weary lot,

That sin-stained heart to bear,

And those who share a happier fate

Their chidings well may spare.

Speak gently to the erring:

Thou yet may'st lead them back

With holy words and tones of love,

From misery's thorny track:

Forget not thou hast often sinned,

And sinful yet must be;

Deal gently with the erring, then,

As God has dealt with thee.

~Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney

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