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Astrology in Action

Jupiter Through the Signs by Cara Rungo

Aries Jupiter

You tend to be overweight and perhaps tall. You appear to be a happy-go-lucky individual. Your jovial nature always finds you smiling. You require a large amount of personal space to feel comfortable. Your pioneering spirit enjoys traveling to new places. Jupiter is comfortable in fiery Aries. You make your own luck. People naturally gravitate to you, thus presenting many opportunities for you to grasp. You have several personalities, preferring to show certain people certain ones. You may have dealings with police and legal issues.

Taurus Jupiter

You often accumulate abundant wealth. You own multiple bank accounts. You overspend. For you, money has always been easy come, easy go. You know you can get more. You gain luck through money. Any big purchases are investments or items that beautify your surroundings. You may spend big money on expensive art pieces or real estate. You like expensive perfume, preferring heavy musky oriental scents.

Gemini Jupiter

Jupiter lie in its detriment when found in Gemini. You probably like big busy city life. Everything and everyone you need is close to home. You have many siblings, cousins and uncles. There will be many younger uncles in your family. Luck comes to you through younger males, brothers, uncles and neighbors. Your family reunions are large. You may experience luck through short-distance travel, too. Any big purchases are usually vehicles. You might have one too many cars parked on your property.

Cancer Jupiter

Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer. Your home is big. You like roomy spaces and prefer cheery sunshine in your house. Since Jupiter is dignified here, you are a lucky person. Luck comes to you through the domestic sphere. Luck literally just knocks at your door. You are extremely spiritual and your home is filled with religious items perhaps. Though you are lucky, you also know when to spend and when not to. There is a natural tendency toward only buying what you need. Any big purchases are usually big items for your homes. You could own more than one home or your home is large. Property and real estate investments prove lucrative. You inherit from the mother or an older female.

Leo Jupiter

Luck enters through romance. You have many suitors at your beck and call. These lovers also come bearing gifts. Jupiter energy flows well in fiery Leo, lending general good luck and an even larger showier boisterous Leo. You might find that you have too many suitors, and this promiscuity may land you in hot water. Just be sure not to mislead people that adore you so. Any big purchases are usually for the children or perhaps art pieces to adorn your loveshack. Jupiter in Leo produces many male offspring.

Virgo Jupiter

Luck comes to you through work. You are seen as the jovial co-worker. People generally like you, and you don't have too many enemies on the job. Any big purchases are usually health club memberships or anything that promotes health. You may be a health fanatic, and you probably work hard to stave off excess weight. You also have a clothing collection bordering on hording. Government and the military may also provide a source of luck.

Libra Jupiter

Luck comes through marriage and lawsuits. There is likely to be multiple marriages with this placement. And, with each divorce, you benefit. You will have dealings with the law and court systems. Lawsuits tend to rule in your favor. Your many beneficial marriages earn you a reputation for being what you truly are--a gold digger. You probably spend a lot of fine dining, and items to ensure posh parties. You are a kind and inviting host, making guests feel warm and welcome. You have expensive taste in jewelry, and you probably own a lot of it.

Scorpio Jupiter

Jupiter in Scorpio has deep insight into the psychology of human behavior. Luck comes through death, taxes and inheritance. This placement favors digging for hidden treasure. You have large sexual organs, and are fun in the bedroom. You probably have multiple sexual partners, and you are quite an experienced lover, willing to teach others what you know. Any large purchases come with a hefty tax, as do inheritances. You are more than willing to spend money on sex. Aligning yourself with another person's values, morals and/or belief systems is a key theme.

Sagittarius Jupiter

Jupiter rules here and this placement is strong. Your freedom is a must at all costs. You are a free-spirit whose luck comes through gambling, sporting events and higher courts. You have a habit of always betting on the winning horse. You will find long-distance travel to be lucky for you--especially the Orient. You probably spend a lot of money on just about anything fun. This placement also denotes a strong spirituality.

Capricorn Jupiter

Jupiter is in its fall in Capricorn. Jupiter is well-behaved in Capricorn. Restrictive Saturn in Expansive Jupiter acts as a check and balance. You may have multiple careers. But, if you just have one career, you are a multi-tasker who rises to the top, and you are generally popular within your chosen profession. Luck comes to you through career. The professional life will offer up plenty of opportunity for expansion. You may even branch out and begin a franchise business with this placement. Large purchase are often for the expansion of your career or business. The father or an uncle can be helpful to your cause.

This placement fortifies career as you brush up on skills and further education to benefit career. Careers can lead you into international affairs, making this position good for dignitaries, foreign ambassadors and diplomats, international corporation executives, large scale or global building projects, banking, etc.

Aquarius Jupiter

Jupiter is expansive here, showering love and understanding upon its fellow man. People with this placement associate with all types of people. Your love of all humanity and your understanding draws all walks of life to you. This individual abhors all prejudices; he is truly colorblind. Luck comes through friends, and non-profit organizations. Luck may also be found in unusual or strange places. Opportunities could be just as unusual. Big money is spent on fulfilling your higher dreams or ideals. Making your wishes come true is important to you.

Those born with this natal Jupiter position are philanthropists.

Pisces Jupiter

Jupiter functions well in Pisces. You are a lover of all humanity and you have much compassion. You find luck when you give to those who are needy. Helping the underdog brings you prosperity. People view you as their confessor. You know many secrets about many people. And, because you are so trustworthy, peoplesā€˜ secrets remain just that--secret.

Jupiter is exalted at 15 Cancer

Jupiter is called the Greater Benefic, and it has been considered beneficial throughout the history of astrology.

Jupiter represents luck, expansion and wisdom. It foretells how we can expand and grow.

Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and co-rules Pisces.