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Astrology in Action


Gemini is represented by brothers Castor and Pollux--the twins. Gemini is the communicator. It the the sign of the twins that is responsible for spreading gossip, offering up ideas and talking about any subject superficially. He is a Jack of all trades, master of none type personality. However, he is rather fun to be around, and will keep you deeply engaged in titillating conversation.

Gemini is shifty, cunning and quick-witted. There will not be any lack of comebacks from this peanut gallery. As he disseminates information upon the world, he is always busy scheming. Gemini cannot be trusted to keep a secret, and he proves promiscuous and two-faced. He will kiss and tell, and he might even fib a bit to add to the story. For he is a grand storyteller. He has been known to lie.

Gemini can be extremely absent-minded, forgetting to put gas in the car. He will probably always have transportation problems. Most likely, they have siblings and a large family with whom they are close. He is friendly with distant cousins and neighbors as well. Gemini is a social butterfly, and loves to be the center of attention almost as much as Leo.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and they represent the people and areas surrounding us in close proximity. They usually stay close to home, and moving away from their native land is unlikely.

In love, they are more mental, and they usually keep their head about them instead of falling head over heels. Even when they are madly in love, they remain aloof yet charming. This fun and light-hearted persona just draws a lover to want to be with Gemini even more. They usually can be spotted by their twinkling light-colored eyes and their radiant smile. They are usually happy-go-lucky folks. However, some Gemini personalities can be quite unstable--the women mostly. Gemini women are also crazy about doing their hair and makeup. This represents the mask of the two-faced twins. She will never be seen in public without a full makeover, even if it means getting up at 4 a.m.

Gemini are prone to injury or ailments involving the hands and the thighs. Many Gemini suffer from learning disabilities like dyslexia and reading difficulty. They are usually terrible spellers. Many of the twins will experience difficulty when it comes to post-secondary education--there seems to be a blockage here as Sagittarius opposes his sign. They are also subject to eye injury and the senses are most likely acute. They have great observation skills, and nothing gets past a Gemini. He misses nothing. Gemini can be rather clumsy, as his head is usually in the clouds,and he just simply isn't watching where he is stepping. They seem to have legal issues as well, and especially the younger Gemini who is usually reckless and fast-living.

Gemini people make great auto mechanics, probably because they seem to have a lot of car trouble. They also are great writers, journalists and public relations people. Marketing suits them, too.

May 21 - June 20

  • Motto: I THINK
  • Planet: MERCURY
  • Triplicity: AIR
  • Quadrant: CADENT
  • Quadruplicity: MUTABLE
  • Apostle:

Sign Classification: 




Gemini in Love

You are charming, dynamic and witty in love. Sexually, you are more mental than anything, so good conversation and intimacy go hand in hand for you. Express yourself naturally and don't over-analyze the actual feeling of love too much, Gemini.