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Astrology in Action

A Glimpse Into the Wounded Healer by Cara Rungo

Chiron was discovered by James Kowal on November 1, 1977. It was initially thought to be an asteroid, but according to NASA, it is now classified as a cometary body. Chiron, along with the other Centaurs, is believed to be an escaped member from the Kuiper belt, which is a hypothetical disk-shaped reservoir of objects of sizes ranging from tiny particles to Pluto or larger sized bodies. Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus, having a 50.7 year orbit.

In Greek mythology, Chiron was the eldest and wisest of the legendary Centaurs. Chiron, born apart from the other notoriously untamed Centaurs, and he was revered for his intelligence. It is noteworthy to say that Saturn was the father of Chiron, although Saturn rejected his son. Instead, Apollo raised the Centaur, teaching him many things.

As he grew, Chiron was adept at medicine, and renowned as both a great healer and teacher. As a teacher, his students were many, including Achilles and Hercules.

Chiron was accidentally wounded from one of Hercules' poison arrows. Although immortal, Chiron would end by gifting his immortality to Prometheus. Thus, eventually, he died, taking his place amongst the stars.

In astrology, Chiron is known as The Wounded Healer. He is karmic and he brings awareness through crises. Chiron's liminal nature is still present and felt through his dichotomous wounding and healing nature. Chiron possesses the ability to teach beneficial lessons, however painful. There is no way around this. The Chirotic experience will be felt differently for each of us, depending on sign and house placement.

The Saturn, Uranus, Sun and Chiron Connection by Cara Rungo

According to Greek mythology, it is important to mention that Chiron is born from Saturn, the stern and rejecting father. Saturn, in fact, dealt the first wound unto Chiron--the deep wound of rejection. This impacted a son as anyone could imagine, affecting his identity and sense most basic sense of belonging. Chiron, unlike the other wanton and lusty Centaurs, became an intelligent just creature with many talents. He was adept as a hunter, a musician, a gymnast, a teacher, a student, a healer, a man of medicine and surgeon--loftier goals than the others within the Centaurian tribe. One could argue that this was an attempt to win the approval of the Saturnian father.

Saturn is the teacher and the student. Chiron learned many things from Olympian god of the Sun and the light, Apollo, whom essentially adopted the orphaned Chiron. In return, Chiron not only taught many, but he also reared many children, serving as a father figure (Saturn) in the ways of music, weaponry, hunting and healing. Amongst his students were Achilles, Actaeon, Aristaeus, Asclepius, Jason, Medus, Patroclus and Peleus.

Chiron was also believed to be just and fair as is Saturn, who often represents the father, the judge, the stern right one with the heavy hand. In many ways, Chiron emulates Saturn. Therefore, lessons will be learned, only in a different way. The losses of Saturn are not the same as the wounds of Chiron.

Just in the way that Saturn abandoned Chiron, Apollo picked him up, giving him another life (the giver of life, Sun). Apollo was the god of the life-giving Sun, light and truth, music, poetry, plague, medicine, healing. Apollo was considered a god of prophecy. In astrology, the Sun also rules the father. So, essentially Chiron is wounded by the rejection of Saturn, but given a great useful gift and essentially healed by the Sun. In many ways, Chiron emulates the Sun. Chiron possesses a healing ability much like the healing light of the Sun.

 Chiron has the ability to teach much like father Sun.

A third connection is noteworthy--the Uranus connection. This is evidenced by Chiron's final deadly wound. Hercules unintentionally dealt the final deadly blow when he accidentally shot Chiron with a poison arrow. The accidental nature of Uranus is prominent in the accidental death of Chiron. Moreover, Chiron was adept at music, a talent learned from Apollo. Music is also Uranian in nature. In many ways, Chiron emulates Uranus, ruling accidents.

Lastly, we revisit the Sun connection with Prometheus and the gifting of life. Although immortal, Chiron could not bear his eternal wound, and to resign from living was a relief. However, he did not just die. He gifted his immortality to Prometheus, freeing and healing him. Another example of the Sun's trait of giving life and light, lending purpose.

Chiron orbits between both Saturn and Uranus. Therefore, astrologically, he inherits several traits from both planets. Mythologically, Chiron inherits several traits from the Sun.

In essence, what occurs is that we are rejected, then healed through enlightenment. In turn, we teach others what we know, yet we are then accidentally or intentionally injured by the very people in our lives whom we trust. And, finally, our wound gnaws away at us until we are compelled to act. That act is to bestow a healing gift. This seems to be the chirotic cycle.

Chiron Through the Signs by Cara Rungo

Aries Chiron

"Physician, heal thyself" Luke 4:23

The self is wounded. The self also possesses the capability to heal, especially using the hands. In this particular sign, healing others is easier than healing the self. This native harbors a powerful healing ability that can actually manifest as a physical ritual of taking other peoples' illnesses into their own bodies and dumping the negative energy out through the hands or fingertips. Building and forming a lasting meaningful relationship with the self and loving thy self can heal. Aries is a fire sign, ruling spirituality. Wounds will be spiritual in nature.

According to author Barbara Hand Clow in her book titled, "Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets:

"This position causes quick action to breakthrough Saturn barriers and act idealistically with Uranus. But unless there are other factors in the chart which foster mysticism, these natives may not activate the subtlety of Chiron. The warrior energy is the most powerful manifestation for these natives. They need to be encouraged to systematically develop a discipline which will enable them to empower Chiron and get in touch with the potential power of the etheric plane." (pp. 83-84, Hand Clow)

Self-awareness and self value is the chirotic experience. Seeking true identity and self-actualization are of great importance to this placement. These Divine Warriors learn to know, love and become themselves. Only after this has been established can these natives truly contribute their inborn healing gift.

Taurus Chiron

"For I can raise no money by vile means." William Shakespeare

Finances are wounded. Accepting that tangible objects are just that--objects--can heal. Placing value on the wrong things seems to be a real danger. Taurus is an earth sign, ruling physicality. Wounds will be physical in nature.

One female client having this position was stabbed multiple times in the neck. This physical wounding to the Taurus-ruled part of the body embodies both the Saturnian energy and Uranus energy. The perpetrator of such a heinous crime was her third husband, who was a Capricorn with Aquarius rising. The crime stemmed from an unexpected sudden upheaval that eventually led to his long-term restriction of 30 years in prison.

This same woman experienced the Taurus Chiron with her first husband. In adolescence, her father (Saturn) arranged and forced her to marry his friend (Uranus). However, her first husband was an elderly (Saturn again) lecherous man whom she eventually divorced. However, the very next day after the divorce was final, her ex-husband became a millionaire when he won the lottery.

In her particular case, she was married four times and divorced four times. All of her husbands either had money or real estate, which she never gained from, but was motivated to marry them perhaps for that exact reasons. Her story exemplifies the Taurus Chirotic experience.

Another important thing to note is her money-making capability or career as a stripper and prostitute. Her lifestyle again exemplifies the Taurus chirotic experience as Taurus is the polarity of Scorpio, ruling sex and power. The client utilizes the Scorpionic power, attaching monetary value to lower base instincts in order to achieve financial gain.

Awareness of sexual prowess seems pronounced with this particular placement. These natives seem to fall victim to the misconception that mistakenly places too much emphasis and value on lower earthly pleasures. However, it could also work the opposite way, transmuting the sexual energy into the intended gift to teach and heal. Either way, the sexuality will be marked.

Gemini Chiron

"I'll see it when I believe it."

Communication and education is wounded. Experiencing some sort of learning blockage early on or unorthodox learning methods seem likely. Crystallizing the mental energy into a long lasting tangible form, or reforming thought patterns based on real experiences is indicated. Catharsis can heal. Gemini is an air sign, ruling the mental plane. Wounds will be mental in nature.

A male client with Chiron in Gemini never learned to read, and he suffered from dyslexia during childhood. He was wounded by early educators who took a disliking to him. His behavior in school was quite rebellious and problematic (Uranus), causing the school board to eventually expel him in the sixth grade. His parents shunned the responsibility of educating him. His father (Saturn) rejected him and threw him out of the house. By age 13, he was homeless and committing crimes with like-minded friends (Uranus) and addicted heavily to drugs. His lack of schooling led to lifelong reading problems. He was educated on the streets. This embodies the chirotic experience in Gemini.

Another client with Chiron in Gemini is a documented genius that was offered membership into Mensa during high school with his exceptionally high IQ. According to Mensa:

"Membership of Mensa is open to persons who have attained a score within the upper two percent of the general population on an approved intelligence test that has been properly administered and supervised."

However, he dropped out of high school and obtained his GED. He continues to intermittently go to community college, but life obstacles keep forcing him to quit.

Awareness and value are placed on academia and education. The native might experience real fear and crises when presented with the thought of overcoming his or her educational barriers. Continued learning is borne from humanity and a variety of cultures. As Gemini is mutable, crises will force the need to be adaptable to different cultural surroundings, exposing the native to many different thinking patterns and systems. Saturnian energy of structure and form manifests through more physical channels, and this native is adept at building long-lasting structures with the hands.

As Sagittarius is the polar opposite of Gemini, crises may also arise from what is not only learned and taught, but what is believed or practiced. Religious persecution is possible as Chiron was in Gemini during the entire course of the Salem Witch Trials from 1692 to 1693.. Historically, people who were not really witches were murdered during these trials because of vicious gossip, which shows the darker side of Chiron in Gemini.

Criminality (Uranus) and the law (Saturn) can lead to crises with this particular placement. This is especially true during youth.  

Cancer Chiron

"Only the insecure strive for security." Wayne Dyer

Motherhood and the early childhood are wounded. Building and forming a lasting meaningful relationship with the inner child and the mother and small children can heal. Striking a balance between the playful inner child and the outer adult who accepts responsibilities and duties can heal. Cancer is a water sign, ruling emotions. Wounds will be emotional in nature.

Security issues are highlighted with this Chiron placement; crises will be experienced through safety vs. freedom, the known and the unknown, the old and the new, youth and old age.

Early childhood was probably pretty difficult for these natives. They may have experienced some sort of chirotic event early on that they are having difficulty with as they mature. Some may be late bloomers as Saturn lived up to its name here and served as the Universal Playpen that kept these people restricted. The parents, especially the father, may have been rather stern. They may long to venture out from their inner selves and their safety nets that they have built around themselves, but Saturnian fear may have them heavily in his grasp. They experience real fear or phobia about stepping out into the unknown (Uranus). Any change proves frightening for those with Chiron in Cancer, even when that change allows them to enjoy independence and freedom. Letting go of the painful past and early engrams will prove to be a real challenge. This person feels safe in the cage. This person may be accused of being antisocial or some sort of hermit.

There is a great awareness of the inner self and much inner reflection, but these people are naive when it comes to dealing with the big bad world and their sensitive emotional nature is easily wounded by the deeds of other people. Forgiveness for past actions does not come easily for this placement. Chiron in Cancer natives may have no desire to venture into the outside world and take on grown-up responsibilities, gripping tightly to the past and the childhood. This thwarts growth and they become stuck. These people place much value their family roots and home base. Crises comes through change. Only after being forced to leave their safe cocoon and experience adult life filled with duties and responsibilities and change, can a much-needed transformation occur. They heal through learning and interacting with their outer world. This builds confidence in their abilities, helping to alleviate some of their feelings of insecurity.  

Leo Chiron

“There is no place for grief in a house which serves the Muse." Sappho

The artistic expression and the children are wounded. Building and forming lasting relationships with children can heal. Any outer extension of the self or release through artistic expression can heal. Leo is a fire sign, ruling spirituality. Wounds will be spiritual in nature.

With this position, super stardom can be achieved. One of the most renowned artists in history responsible for thousands of oil paintings and a forerunner of the impressionist movement, Pierre-Auguste Renoir also had this placement. Renoir changed the face of art with the impressionist movement (Uranus), changing the face of creative form (Saturn). It is well known that Renoir suffered an affliction of rheumatoid arthritis in his hands in later years. The hands are ruled by Chiron, and it is through the hands that the chirotic gift often emerges. Although, his crippling wound affected the very part of him responsible for producing his greatest contribution to humanity, he remained a prolific artist up until his death.

Most of Renoir's artwork depicted realistic scenes of women and romantic scenes and children. These are all things ruled by the sign of Leo. He often painted his own extensions of the self, including his own children and other artists he knew. Moreover, his mistresses and romantic interests are often portrayed in the nude. According to an online article by author Milan Jaukovic:

"It seems that his painting and his desire for the company of women were symptomatic of a more general attitude towards them. Women, and to a lesser extent children, might serve as muses."

Awareness of the self and ego exists with Chiron in Leo. Renoir painted many self portraits. According to author Barbara Hand Clow in her book titled, "Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets:

"When they [Chiron in Leo natives] are ready to let the ego go and release their gift through creativity, they fuse with the higher will or Uranian dynamic. Any identification of purpose is very helpful to them, and resonation with their struggle relieves their anxiety." (pp. 90, Hand Clow)

Virgo Chiron

"A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem."

Health is wounded. Medicine and physical labor may work through and heal. There will healing through the hands--the physician and the surgeon. There will be astounding healing powers with this position. Virgo is an earth sign, ruling physicality. Wounds will be physical in nature.

This position often brings wounding through vehicular accidents.

The ability to work may be impaired by either the self or the partner.

Rulership remains a debatable subject in the astrological community. Barbara Hand Clow writes that Chiron rules the sign of Virgo. Authority on the astrological Chiron, Melanie Reinhart, feels Sagittarius is the ruler of Chiron, and that it is exalted in Virgo. Either way, Chiron feels quite at home in the zodiac sign of Virgo.

According to author Barbara Hand Clow in her book titled, "Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets:

"The low form of the Virgo dynamic is compulsive and Saturnian....The high energetics of Virgo develops a keen understanding of the positive use of Saturn which is to bring matter into form, but not to hold it. The ability to allow Uranian transformation matures with time and evolves into a deep intuition about perfect timing." (Hand Clow, pp. 91-92)

Hand Clow continues that sixth-house Chiron natives are destined to teach perfection of form here on Earth in order to achieve higher consciousness.

Women with this particular placement suffer a dichotomous complex--wavering back and forth between the two archetypes: the Virgin Mary vs Eve.

Twelfth house matters may be the avenue through which sixth-house Chiron natives expresses themselves. Time alone is beneficial to healing. However, this can also lead to negative compulsions, fears, guilt, depression and substance abuse. A twelfth house expression of the Chiron energy also lead one to occultism and spiritual pursuits.

Libra Chiron

"We can only learn to love by loving." Iris Murdoch Novelist, Philosopher

Relationships are wounded. Building and forming lasting relationships can heal. Libra is an air sign, ruling the mental plane. Wounds will be mental in nature.

Relationships prove karmic with this placement. Drama and changeable nature make a relationship with this individual difficult and stormy. Domestic violence is likely. Obstacles to achieving a true, lasting union will be the chirotic experience. This placement signifies that the Chiron in Libra individual has much to learn from the chosen mate, and all lessons will not be pleasant.

Awareness of the need for another half is indicated. The identity might somehow be tied to another person. Too much value might be placed on other people instead of the self. Self neglect causes this native to always look outward, never within. They can only seem to know the self through mental interaction with others. A mirroring takes place that makes them eventually aware of themselves. Without this exchange, they cannot receive the healing gift. Reaching a perfected highly evolved union and ultimate healing comes through gifting another with unconditional love without the Saturnian fear or worry of whether that love is reciprocated.

William Shakespeare, the author of the most famous tragic love story, "Romeo and Juliet," had Chiron in the seventh house, which shares similarities with Chiron in Libra. It was also Shakespeare whose quote captures both tragic love and the chirotic experience in Libra:

"I'll follow you and make a heaven out of hell, and I'll die by your hand which I love so well."

Scorpio Chiron

"To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others." Buddha

The sexual energy is wounded. Psychological insight can heal. Scorpio is a water sign, ruling emotions. Wounds will be emotional in nature. The experience of Chiron in Scorpio is one of erupting energy that must find a positive outlet, lest it become deadly to its host or those surrounding its host. Crisis will emerge through the life and death experience. People with this placement know a lot about death, and from them others may learn about death.

According to author Barbara Hand Clow in her book titled, "Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets:

"When Chiron is in Scorpio, the transformative and evolutionary energy of Pluto becomes the personal quest. The energy for the evolution is Chirotic; that is, it focuses Plutonian depth and process directly into space and time....It [Plutonian force] causes the struggle between Saturn and Uranus to be volcanic, and these natives are either extraordinary in their personal evolution, or they have not found an avenue to express this increasing power within. They also may be expressing low Pluto by searching for power and pleasure at the cost of all others."

 (pp.96, Hand Clow)

Notorious serial killer Theodore Bundy had this placement. Bundy indeed embodies this struggle with a volcanic power within, manifesting in a lower Scorpionic form through sex and death. Bundy was an emotionally maladjusted individual who used Saturnian forms of restriction, binding, suffering, fear and loss to end the lives of many young females. This Saturnian end served to attain his freakish Uranian release through perverted sexual rituals.

Eventually he was captured and imprisoned (Saturn), but a desire for freedom aided his escape twice (Uranus). However, eventually, Bundy faced his own life and death experience when Florida carried out his death sentence in 1989, whereby he would experience his ultimate release via electric chair (Uranus). Both the chirotic wounding nature and the crisis through the life and death experience is emphasized.

Most cases are not so extreme as Bundy, so the average individual with Chiron in Scorpio will simply misuse his or her power, manifesting a release through the earthly lower base sexual instinct. Too much value may be placed on sex. Awareness of other peoples' emotions must be learned; the native is selfish and fixated on his or her own emotions and feelings. Feeding their own inner need for power brings about the chirotic crisis.

Sagittarius Chiron

"The kingdom of God is within you." Luke 17:21

Freedom and spirituality are wounded. Prayer can heal. Building and forming a lasting and meaningful relationship with God can heal. Sagittarius is a fire sign, ruling spirituality. Wounds will be spiritual in nature.

The soul and the higher self are in focus here. Spirituality and freedom are of utmost importance here. However, something chains these natives down, preventing them from reaching a higher level of consciousness. This particular placement might have experienced disappointment with organized religion. He or she may have experimented with many different faiths, and may be on the fence when it comes to religion. Crises comes through a loss of faith and disbelief. The native becomes frustrated in the quest for the perfect religion, not realizing that God is within. According to the Gospel of Thomas, the uncanonized biblical text that contains the sayings of Jesus:

"Jesus said, 'If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the [Father's] kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the [Father's] kingdom is within you and it is outside you....Jesus said, 'I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.'"

Chiron in Sagittarius is aware of the soul, but must learn that what he or she is looking for is already there and is within. Too much value is placed on the outward search for enlightenment. Once this is realized, the higher self can emerge, bringing forth the healing gift of true understanding of the soul experience. This native possesses great wisdom, and he or she can be a extraordinary spiritual teacher.  

Capricorn Chiron

“Let integrity and uprightness preserve me...” Psalms 25:21

The career and the reputation are wounded. The native suffers some blemish to the reputation when it comes to career. This could involve possibly bringing down the hammer (Saturn) after implication of serious criminal activity (Uranus). Hard work and right living can heal. Striking a balance between the playful inner child and the outer adult who accepts responsibilities and duties can heal. Capricorn is an earth sign, ruling physicality. Wounds will be physical in nature..

Much value is placed on the institution of work with this placement. There will be a nose-to-the-grindstone attitude that the native will follow. However, this same energy will also cause a much-needed rebirth about how and why humans give of such labor. Some crisis borne of hard work and right living causes them to succomb to a Uranian detachment and the urge for freedom from "The Man" emerges. This does not make them lazy. It makes them innovative and from innovation and necessity, comes the new reformed Saturnian form...

Awareness of a new form of labor is indicated with this placement. Crises brings about major unexpected career changes, forcing the native to break the Saturn barriers and change. Many will enjoy the freedom of becoming self-employed. They place much value on the freedom of not having a boss (Saturn) breathing down their necks.

 For, it is likely that career of the past required great discipline or exposed the native to harsh conditions. A breakthrough from these conditions and a new employment system that is taught to others can help heal wounds.

These people place too much value on what people think of them. The natives feel that the reputation must be upheld at the cost of freedom in some cases as he or she follows the status quo.

This position makes an astute, serious-minded student who will take well-learned lessons and expound upon them, taking them to a new Uranian level.

Aquarius Chiron

"The best of friends must part."

Hopes and wishes and friendships are wounded. Charitable acts and building and forming lasting and meaningful friendships can heal. Aquarius is an air sign, ruling the mental plane. Wounds will be mental in nature.

These natives usually belong to groups and organizations, whereby they establish many acquaintances and friends. This placement produces Masons, Gun Club members or members of the local dart league, sewing circle or volunteer committee. Individuals who have Chiron in Aquarius are helpful, always willing to lend a hand to a friend. This person never misses the opportunity to attend a banquet for a particular group to which he or she belongs.

The native's aim to build long-lasting meaningful friendships and they enjoy participating in a variety of new activities with friends. These natives consider friends as family; relationship with some of them can become overly burdensome and demanding. However, some may become estranged over time. One more scenario is likely. This person may be a wet blanket to be around, and they are rather boring and dull and Saturnian. A too serious and standoffish personality might repel friendships. Some people don't know how to take their oddball personalities(Uranus). Many of their friends are likely to be unusual, too. People that hold high positions of authority are likely to befriend them. They desperately desire friendship, wishing to acquire new friends, however, true friendships may elude them. And, they end up becoming disappointed in the relationship and move on quickly and unexpectedly. Best friends today; enemies tomorrow. They are quick to discard friends through their backstabbing communication, unable to understand exactly what a long established true friendship means. They seem destined for only distant acquaintance relationships.

However, long-time established friends may be lost over the years, probably stemming from a love triangle relationship. He or she might end up playing second fiddle to a friend. Another scenario is that the best friend has died. This wound will be deep, experienced as a deep loss to this native. A lifelong friend lost is the chirotic experience.

Pisces Chiron

"God helps those who help themselves."

The subconscious is wounded. Facing your own buried and painful subconscious and repressed memories and pain can heal. Spirituality and building and forming a lasting and meaningful relationship with God can heal. Pisces is a water sign, ruling emotions. Wounds will be emotional in nature.

This person may fall into the perpetual victim role, continually coddling old wounds or spending entirely too much time feeling sorry for themselves. The native may suffer from deep despondency and depression. Many are addicted to drugs and negativity thought patterns. This internal pain is the pivotal chirotic crises that must inevitably be used as a catalyst to spur the action of drawing nearer toward the God experience. Only through the experience of deep spirituality can the gift of healing emerge.

Martin Luther, who was solely credited for The Reformation, had Chiron in Pisces. The Reformation was a monumental movement that began the Lutheran Church. Luther's anarchy of faith and the peasants' revolts (Uranus) against the Catholic church (Saturn) caused a crisis within the whole of Catholicism.

According to author of The Catholic Encyclopedia, Father Henry G. Ganss:

"Luther by the creation of his "universal priesthood of all Christians," by delegating the authority "to judge all doctrines" to the "Christian assembly or congregation", by empowering it to appoint or dismiss teacher or preacher, sought the overthrow of the old Catholic order." (pp. 451, Ganss)

Awareness of God is indicated here with this placement. As Luther raised awareness to the underhandedness of the all-powerful tyrannical Catholic Church (Saturn) during the 14th century, he incited revolution and reform, inspiring and enlightening many with his Uranian gift which eventually evolved into Lutheranism, thus releasing the people from the power that the Catholic Church maintained for centuries.


Hand-Clow, Barbara. Chaos: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets. Woodbury, Minnesota: Llewellyn, 2008. Print.

Reinhart, Melanie. Chiron and The Healing Journey. London: Penguin Books, 1989. Print.

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Chiron Connections to the Sun

by Cara S. Rungo, M.Div.

Chiron connections to the Sun signify a wounded ego. The Sun's involvement suggests that wounds are externalized, and an external approach is required in the healing process. Chiron is more subtle, usually taking an inward approach to healing. Therefore, Chiron connections to the Sun demand both the lower ego self and the higher self to become involved in order to attain a higher level of consciousness.

Aspects between these two celestial bodies bring soul awareness. We ultimately become conscious of our consciousness. Natives are keenly aware of the ego self. Connections between Chiron and the Sun compel one to first delve inward before the identity can emerge.

This aspect produces a natural teacher of divine knowledge. The fiery Sun inspires truth seekers along the path to enlightenment. Individuals with a Chiron/ Sun connection provide and receive guidance.

According to astrologer and author Alan Oken:

"The Sun has a triple function. On the physical level, the Sun energizes the life potential within each cell and atom; it is the “Breath of Life”. On the spiritual level, the Sun is Life Itself, the divine expression of the “Will to Be”. On the soul level, the Sun is the source of consciousness. In esoteric terminology, this facet of the Sun´s function is called the “Heart of the Sun”. It is through the Heart (both in human and solar expressions), that soul awareness and the consciousness of love is stimulated."

Whether the journey to the "Heart of the Sun," is attained easily or with great difficulty will partially depend on whether the aspect between the Wounded Healer and the Life Giver is soft or hard. However, any aspect between these two celestial bodies can lead to healing.

Chiron conjunct Sun

Chiron conjunct Sun is a powerful aspect that bestows highly individualistic creativity. This individual possesses a keen awareness of the soul purpose, and his or her consciousness. The internal and the external fuse as these two celestial energies join forces. However, subjectivity forms a blind spot that needs to be overcome to prevent self-healing. This aspect could prevent natives from seeing beyond the pain or wound with which they have suffered. The wound becomes a major part of one's identity. 

Chiron opposition Sun

Chiron opposition Sun is a difficult aspect that creates a deep wound to the individuality, and character is flawed. A third person or outside force usurps the identity. A tug-of-war exists that makes it necessary to face external challenges which awakens one's own consciousness. Encountering dynamic challenges head on leads to healing and fulfillment of the soul's higher purpose.

Chiron trine Sun

The healing rays of the Sun are easily felt with the harmonious trine. Chiron trine Sun suggests that enlightenment, human consciousness and the soul purpose are all easily attained without too much effort on the part of the individual. The "Heart of the Sun" is within reach as the individual is aware of both the ego self and the soul self. This individual attains healing, and the esoteric journey to soul-conscious living comes easier for him or her than for those with other aspects.

Chiron square Sun

Chiron square Sun natives have internalized their pain and wounds. The square reveals that inner turmoil plagues the individual, and the lesser ego self and the higher soul self are naturally at odds. Natives encounter conflicting knowledge and guidance. They should avoid blindly accepting advice that descends them into chirotic crises. Affected individuals struggle to find their own unique identities, and highly individualized creativity becomes hindered when they attempt to externalize their creative energy. Stunting creativity is unconducive to healing. The journey to higher consciousness and healing for them is a lonely one. Much pain comes through healing, and the path to enlightenment will become darkest before the dawn.

Chiron square Sun is the most difficult to overcome because natives encounter internal dynamic challenges. Overcoming internal conflict is harder than grappling with the outer world. However, no other Chiron/Sun aspect will grow and reach its true soul potential like the square. When the human spirit overcomes adversity, it makes the rewards attained that much more glorious. These individuals outshine all others in the "Heart of the Sun."

Chiron sextile Sun

The harmonious sextile aspect between Chiron and the Sun indicate that enlightenment, human consciousness and the soul purpose can be attained as long as the individual puts forth effort. Opportunities and resources offered to natives lead them down the pathway to their healing journey. Individuals get creative when ferreting out resources that help them achieve self reliance.

Chiron quincunx Sun

The inharmonious Chiron quincunx Sun is probably one of the most difficult aspects to overcome as individuals struggle to blend Chiron and Sun energies, which both occupy incongruent signs that share no affinity with one another. What results is an unpleasant blend of jerky stop and start energy that cannot seem to merge. With this aspect, sometimes things flow well; sometimes things don't. Unlike the conjunction, where two planets join forces and work together, the inconjuncting bodies are just the opposite, incapable of teamwork. For example, if one utilizes Chiron's energy, the Sun's energy will remain inaccessible during that moment and vice versa.

Intermittent creativity proves uninspired and ordinary at best. The native's identity wavers back and forth, resulting in a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. This individual's lower ego self is detached from the higher self, and remains dormant or asleep. In fact, natives may be completely unaware of their need to heal. Perhaps wounds were so painful that he or she stuffed them down inside and forgot about them. Whatever the reason, healing can occur only when knowledge or awareness of a wound exists. People cannot fix things about which they do not know or cannot see. This aspect requires adjustments or compromise if self healing, the human consciousness and the soul's higher purpose is ever to be achieved.