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Astrology in Action


Cancer is represented by the Crab. Cancer is the mother figure, the nurturer, the child. These people feel everything. These people are caring and nurturing to all those around them. They are extremely family-oriented people. They have a good memory, and tend to remember early memories that most people cannot remember. They are moody. If someone is rude to Cancer, it ruins their entire day. They seem to just soak up other peoples' moods like a sponge, making them their own.

They are complainers, but they are sweet folks with a kind soul. They have a way with words, and a Cancer can cut you to the bone with their sharp-tongue. They are quiet and aloof, but that is just a defense mechanism. It is their way to keep painful emotions at bay. In fact, they long for human companionship; however, they tend to push people away. So, they may seem rather standoffish to the average person. This is just a front.

They are the fourth sign of the zodiac, and they represent the home and the mother. Cancer can be extremely childlike, in both looks and actions. Childish fits are common, and they are prone to tears.

They always mother people, and they enjoy cooking. It is not unusual to find a Cancer in the kitchen cooking her beloved family a meal; food is a token of their affection. They love their house and can make any house a welcoming and cozy haven. Cancer is a excellent home decorator, and he or she is a do-it-yourself type. They prefer a lot of color to coincide with their many moods. One oddity is that Cancers have a special place in their heart for miniature objects and antiques.

In love, Cancer is slow to fall in love, but once in love, they can remain faithful. And, they expect the same from their lover. Cancer is extremely jealous. The crab slowly sneaks up on its prey sideways. During the early stages of a relationship, the crab appears unattached. Once, this individual has chosen a mate, he or she holds on. Cancer is tenacious. Relationships with these individuals usually are long-lasting.

Cancers are prone to stomach problems and indigestion. They can also suffer from knee injury or arthritis. They prove quite fertile, and they usually have more than one child. This is due in part to their love of children. They usually have rounded breasts and tend to have a round body type.

Cancers make great real estate agents, home decorators, textile workers, seamstresses, cooks, chefs and innkeepers. They also excel at Montessories and childcare.

June 21 - July 22

  • Motto: I FEEL
  • Color: SILVER
  • Planet: MOON
  • Triplicity: WATER
  • Quadrant: ANGULAR
  • Quadruplicity: CARDINAL
  • Metal: SILVER
  • Apostle:

Sign Classification: 

  • MUTE


  • RUBY

Cancer in Love

You are emotional, sensitive and caring in love. Sexually, you become emotionally attached to your lover, which can lead to confusion of love and sex. Cancer sometimes cries during intimacy, not because they are unhappy, but because the feelings are so intense and real. Focus on the moment with your partner, not the past, Cancer.