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Astrology in Action


Aries is the God of War. Aries is the warrior. And, he or she will live up to this title. Aries is a hot-headed, impulsive type of individual who holds nothing back. They say what's on their mind, even if it results in physical fighting. They usually have a short fuse. There will be fits of anger, followed by a quickness to forgive and forget. They usually don't hold a grudge.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, making you a remarkable leader. Period. You must be first. You must win. And, often times you do, Aries. You carry all the fire of the sun with you and everyone loves to share in a piece of the Sunshine--giver of life. You are brilliant and always have a new idea on the horizon or some new adventure to explore. You are impulsive and your hasty decisions can be to your detriment, but most times no one seems to wait around because you don?t wait. You live with the ?Jump, and the net will appear,? philosophy. And, any partner suited for you will follow you on any unthought out plan just because you?re so darned fun to be around.

 You are passionate, assertive and you positive. When you desire something, you will have it at any cost.

They are pioneers, leading the way where others dare not to tread. They are courageous and daring. They will not back down in the face of battle. These free-spirited people are always game to try new and exciting things.

Aries can be extremely selfish, not taking others' thoughts, feelings or the resulting outcome into consideration. They want what they want, and they want it now. Their haste and impatience prevents them from thinking things through thoroughly. Nothing angers Aries more than waiting. They have a tendency to display childishness, and they will have tantrums to prove it.

They are the first sign of the zodiac, and they represent the beginning of all things. Their pioneering spirit jolts them into beginning many new projects. However, they usually never finish anything they begin. They leave that to their successor, the slow, plodding Taurus.

In love, they can be hasty and impulsive as they float along on the cloud of love. This is the sign that marries multiple times or is always engaged. They tend to not stick with one partner for too long. They are quite promiscuous. Aries is an exciting sign, and excitement they must have, cost what it may. Unfortunately, many Aries people are divorced because of their deep need for conquest and freedom. But, when the shoe is on the other foot, they are quite possessive, and they are quick to turn green with jealousy.

They are prone to headaches and kidney problems. The Aries is also subject to extremely high fevers. They sometimes may suffer from infections, inflammations and other various illnesses that involve swelling, pain and redness. They may be prone to accidents that leave prominent scars on the head and face. This is due in part to their haste. Aries can be rather clumsy, and they don't always watch where they are going. Accidents could be prevented if Aries could just be convinced to slow down. They are also susceptible to feral attacks and burns.

March 21 - April 19

  • Motto: I AM and I WANT
  • Color: RED
  • Planet: MARS
  • Triplicity: FIRE
  • Quadrant: ANGULAR
  • Quadruplicity: CARDINAL
  • Metal: IRON, STEEL
  • Apostle:

Sign Classification:



  • RUBY

Aries in Love

You are dynamic, impulsive and passionate in love. Sexually, you are dynamite, but you are rather high maintenance. Be patient with your lover, and take a break from yourself to learn what they need and want. Focus on giving to bring about your full potential, Aries.