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Astrology in Action

Venus Through the Signs by Cara Rungo

Aries Venus

This is not a good position for Venus as she lies in her detriment. You love excitement and yourself. You are impulsive in love and spending. Money is no object. Your needs tend to be wants in reality. You need an exciting romantic partner that never leaves you waiting or wanting. There will be many suitors in the romance department. You are ambitious when it comes to money-making, and you likely invest in risky financial ventures. You spend a lot of money on personal appearance as beauty is important to you. Relationships with females bring strife. This Venus placement indicates tumultuous war-like love affairs.

Taurus Venus

Venus rules here. You think about money and you always need more of it. Although you always need more money, you are not stupid with money. You spend too much on appearance as Venus in Taurus can be quite shallow and preoccupied with physical beauty. You never choose ugly partners. You are sensual in your expression of love. You need a stable partner who will not shilly-shally with his or her own needs or wants. You prefer a strong partner you can respect. The sense of smell is refined, and you have a penchant for perfume.

Gemini Venus

You love and need friends, family and neighbors. You maintain close contact to immediate surrounding family and locale. There is love of education and religion, philosophy and both lower and higher learning. Learning is emphasized here. You are a nice person with only kind words to speak about others. You are sexually attractive and have much yin/yang balance. You are charming, flirtatious and facetious, enticing lovers with your bright and twinkling personality. You need to communicate. You require lovers to be intelligent. The dumb blonde just doesn't do it for you--leave those for Venus in Leo.

Cancer Venus

This Venus position needs security and a stable home environment. You express love by nurturing others. There is a deep need to nurture others and to be cared for in return. You require a partner with whom you can express your feelings and vice versa. You need someone who is there for you when you are emotionally upset. Money possibly comes through real estate and land. The mother plays an important role in this person's life. Family takes top priority. Anyone that marries you also marries your mother. Death should be peaceful barring any malefic afflictions to Venus.

Leo Venus

You are naturally kind and people like you. People find you attractive and you possess a lot of sexual magnetism. You enjoy much popularity, and people naturally gravitate toward your charming personality and bright outlook. You have a lot to give and people do want to be next to you. Your ideal mate is physically attractive. You need beauty in your life, and would not be caught dead next to a plain Jane. You need to be the center of attention and you demand devotion from your chosen trophy mate.

Virgo Venus

Venus dislikes this position as she is in her fall. Venus in this placement is unhappy, and unhappy love affairs are the result. You express love through the daily care of others (i.e, cleaning the house, doing the wash, working, etc.) You need lovers who can show they care through the little day-to-day menial tasks and take care of you when you are sick. An unemployed lazy lover who lives in a pig pen just won't do. You require a help mate. Romantically, you choose a lover based on what your brain tells you. You are frugal. You spend too much money on clothes. Benefits can come through co-workers. You make a responsible pet owner.

Libra Venus

Venus happily rules here. Venus in Libra has a need to express love. You are charming, and you are never without a lover. This is the person who will date on the rebound, wasting no time before he or she is already involved deeply in a new relationship. Marriage is definite; a happy married life is likely. You need to belong to someone. Love affairs will be many, and there is no lack of suitors for Venus in Libra. You spend money on extravagant things, and there is a tendency toward laziness and shopping sprees. Money comes easily, and it spends just as easily.

Scorpio Venus

Venus in Scorpio lies her its detriment. You need a deep relationship that allows you to control and manipulate others. You are sexually magnetic, using sex to control lovers. Venus is passionate here, but also devious. You are ambitious when it comes to making money, and you likely obtain money through sordid sources. There can be shady backroom deals. You may benefit from inheritance. You need a lover who succumbs to your every whim, no matter how minute. This position of Venus is promiscuous. Sex, money and power take top priority. Death will be peaceful unless malefic planets conjunct or heavily afflict Venus.

Sagittarius Venus

You love to travel and you need excitement. You choose a lover who can take you places either mentally or physically. You are cultured and you may choose a foreign lover. You believe in the sanctimony of marriage; marriage is likely. You are freedom loving; therefore, promiscuity is common in this placement. You are lucky when it comes to getting money and the things that you need. You spend too much of it, as it is released back into the Universe as soon as you get it. Gambling and sports are favorite pastimes. Romantically, you are passionate and facetious, caring not of the morrow. Lovers gravitate toward your kind of fun.

Capricorn Venus

You need a stable career and home environment. You are ambitious when it comes to making money, and you know how to earn it. If you are the boss (most likely you are), you will be considered kind. You are not particularly passionate or romantic. You prefer a partner who makes you look good to the world, not a partner that dirties your reputation. You require a lover with ambition and goals matching your own. You would be unhappy with a stay-at-home mom type. Your career is top priority. You are frugal, and can amass great wealth for savings and retirement. Money can be earned through career and long-term investments. This person will be blessed with enduring love. Benefits arrive through professional females or the elderly.

Aquarius Venus

You love all humanity, and you are tolerant of all walks of life. You appreciate romantic relationships whom seem odd or different. You are attracted to the unusual. Style appears eclectic. You are sexually magnetic and people are powerfully drawn to you. Your love-making style proves unique. However, you get accused of being a cold fish--emotionally speaking, you stay aloof and can be extremely detached in love relationships. You collect a good many number of female friends and are easily charming at social gatherings. If married, your in-laws like you and you gain monetarily from that lot.

Pisces Venus

This is the best position for the planet of Love--she is happiest here in Pisces and in the 12th house. Venus is exalted in this position, so relationships with females are usually beneficial. You are naturally kind and people like you. People find you attractive and sexually magnetic. You enjoy popularity, and you know how to talk to people. You are almost incapable of badmouthing others or saying an unkind word to people for fear that they will dislike you. You get accused of being extremely charming and your mind is bright, disciplined and well-developed.

This position signifies promiscuity. Secret love affairs are indicated.

Venus is exalted at 27 Pisces