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Astrology in Action

Uranus Through the Signs by Cara Rungo

Aries Uranus

Uranus in Aries is volatile, accident-prone and eager to jump at the sound of the starting gun. The brave, daring and pioneering spirit is deeply felt and experiencing the new and different is a prerequisite. Natives are often endowed with mechanical ability. A fighting spirit compels them to reform and change the established order through violence.

Strategic tactics like guerrilla warfare and ambushes appeal to them because it incorporates the element of surprise with war. Uranus in Aries can be violent. Lower individuals may be habitually in trouble with the law because they commonly partake in criminal behavior. They can be rebels without a cause.

This Uranian placement produces restlessness and constant fidgeting. Individuals embody an abundance of excess energy and tension that needs to be released. Stress-related ailments are common. Bodily movement can be jerky or shaky, and there could be something physically unusual about them. They are prone to headaches.

Hasty Uranus in Aries seems, it also portends catastrophic accidents and natural disasters relating to fire and violence are denoted with this placement. Sudden death can result from war or explosion. Volcanic eruptions occur when Uranus transits through Aries.

Taurus Uranus

Uranus in Taurus finds new and innovative ways to make and handle money. This position is characterized by a person who has an uncanny insight into money--how to make it, save it or spend it. This is an excellent position for online day traders and risk-taking brokers. These people are intuitive when it comes to money.

Financial insecurity and fluctuating money characterizes this placement. This is the person who actually wins the lottery, but as fast as the money comes, it is released back into the Universe. Uranus in Taurus seems strangely detached from money, and they spend with impunity.

An individual with this placement is quite resourceful, and he or she can always find new and unusual ways to generate income.

Gemini Uranus

Uranus in Gemini denotes unusual friends, families and neighbors. These people are more likely to be internet savvy and they probably keep in contact and communicate with relatives and people in close proximity through instant messaging, texting and email. This person definitely would likely have a cell phone attached to their ear at all times. This is the person who drives while texting. These people are prone to car accidents when travelling locally or running errands. They would best be served to restrict their cell phone use during driving.

People with this placement may have unusual speech or a unique voice. The speech may be fast and broken or somewhat jerky. They may say things that are inappropriate and shocking to others. Individuals with Uranus in Gemini are clear thinking and quick-witted. However, the mind is so fast and active, they have a hard time turning off their brain. Their mental activity could be compared to a radio station with white noise and too many channels playing at the same time. Too much is often going on in their brains, and they prove to be a well-spring of new ideas. This individual may even be a genius. However, the mental faculties are somewhat jerky and jump from thought to thought quickly. These people would do well to keep a journal on their person at all times and jot down their numerous and free-flowing ideas. They talk about ideas, but implementing them could prove challenging as they habitually spread themselves too thin.

Natural disasters and accidents related to air and local travel occur when Uranus transits through Gemini.

Cancer Uranus

Uranus in Cancer will have an unusual family situation, and often has an unusual early childhood. People with this placement have structurally unique homes that have archways and other rounded accents. Accidents are likely to occur in the home. People with Uranus in Cancer are often interested in solar energy. They may convert their homes to a futuristic home.

Home appliances are subject to breakdown and electrical shorts with this placement. Individuals with this placement should have home wiring inspected by an electrician if he or she owns a home. Electrical accidents are possible.

Catastrophic accidents in the home can occur. Accidents can involve electricity, sudden rushes of water and falls down the stairwell. Natural disasters that destroy the home are common when Uranus transits through Cancer. Damage from floods and other natural disasters relating to water are characterized by this placement.

The end of life may be marked by a sudden accident. The grave is unique, watery or unusual in some way.

Leo Uranus

Uranus is unhappy in the sign of Leo as it is in its fall. Uranus in Leo is flashy and gaudy. This individual may display inappropriate or shocking behavior to capture the attention of onlookers. Using theatrics to shock others is indicated.

Love affairs will be brief and suddenly stop as quickly as they started. Being tied down to one romantic partner is unappealing to people with this particular placement. Chosen romantic partners will possess unique and romantic relationships will be unusual in some way. Children will possess unusual qualities--perhaps even genius.

There is a desire to rebel against patriarchal societies and to reform them. Royalty is undermined with this placement. Kings fall during a Uranus in Leo transit.

Accidents occur at carnivals and other places of amusement.

Virgo Uranus

Your daily routine is not so routine, and you prefer to execute your errands and your day-to-day responsibilities in your own unique way. You have immense powers of observation, tend to be good with mathematical and scientific studies and you are attentive to detail.

You are probably partial and have owned exotic pets. You eat unusual food and follow unusual health regiments. You have an abundance of nervous energy and this could adversely affect your health. You might even be somewhat shaky and unsteady at times. Bodily movement can be somewhat jerky. Calming meditation or any other unorthodox relaxation method could benefit you.

Illness spring out of nowhere suddenly. Your health is changeable and you are prone to sudden catastrophic illnesses. You likely suffer digestive problems and beware of hard to find hidden illnesses that can only be diagnosed with an MRI or X-ray.

Libra Uranus

Uranus in Libra denotes unusual relationships and/or partnerships. And, unfortunately, this particular placement usually leads to divorce. Love relationships may end as suddenly as they begin. This individual believes in love at first sight; however, they usually don't stick around long enough to develop a deeply rewarding long-term love relationship. Catastrophic and tumultuous relationships characterize this placement.

Scorpio Uranus

Uranus in Scorpio has deep insight into the unknown. They may be enlightened in the darkest corners of humanity. They understand how people tick. These individuals make excellent psychologists, ferreting deep into the human psyche through unorthodox methods.

Strategic tactics like guerrilla warfare and ambushes appeal to them because it incorporates the element of surprise with war. Uranus in Scorpio can be violent.

Natives with this particular placement may be marked by sudden death. Death can result from an unexpected accident or war.

Disasters involving underground water mains, pipes and mines occur when Uranus transits Scorpio.

Sagittarius Uranus

Uranus in Sagittarius suggests unusual philosophies and religious beliefs. People with this placement are probably not fond of organized religion, and they advocate reform. They may even start their own denomination that proves more inclusive. These are the social reformers who advocate for the welfare of all.

Capricorn Uranus

Uranus in Capricorn denotes bridging the old with the new. This individual can take something old and make it new. They often refurbish, remodel or bring old things back to life. This placement bring governmental change and change in the status quo set by those in powerful positions or the corporate world. These individuals make wonderful lobbyists and government reformers. They use unorthodox methods in a most restrictive environment, breaking the mold.

Major career change is indicated. They may also be guilty of not being able to hold down a job because of their lack of commitment. They abhor structure and jobs where they cannot work independently. These people often go into business for themselves, enabling them to set their own schedule. They may work with computers, electricity and weather-related careers. They often have unusual professions. Some may be astrologers. Whatever the the chosen field, technology proves essential for their profession.

Aquarius Uranus

Uranus is strong when found in its ruling home of Aquarius. These individuals will have many acquaintances and friends. In fact, they make greatest of friends. They are often busy networking. They are not only sociable, but they are also charitable humanitarians that love all their fellow beings and creatures alike. They may seem eccentric and have a myriad of unusual friends that also seem eccentric. They think normal equals boring; average is downright unoriginal. These people are exciting, innovative and non-judgmental. Racism is not in their vocabulary--all are equal. In fact, they strive for true equality.

Individuals with this placement display mental brilliance; many are real geniuses. Sometimes, they are hard to reach because they are on a different plane than the rest of the world, often leading to them being misunderstood.

Pisces Uranus

Uranus in Pisces denotes psychic abilities that come in lightning like flashes. Dreams may be extremely vivid and may even portend the future. Both the waking and sleeping state are intuitive with this particular placement. There is a definite electrical connection with the subconscious mind, sometimes producing unclear signals; other times producing lightning-like "knowing."

Natural disasters relating to water in the form of floods, tsunamis and tidal waves occur when Uranus transits through Pisces.

Uranus is exalted in Scorpio