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Astrology in Action

Mercury Through the Signs by Cara Rungo

Aries Mercury

You are an egomaniac, concentrating solely on yourself first and foremost. You have a habit of interrupting people, and need to curb your tendency to come across as rude. You speak fast and your words are able to cut people to the bone. You are fond of debate and you often find yourself involved in verbal arguments. You are bossy. You are creative. You have new ideas that people love to hear. Your ideas can inspire people and you make an excellent leader for any project. You have the right words to initiate new projects and ideas. You are proactive and people follow your lead. You should practice being assertive--not abrasive.

Taurus Mercury

You have a lovely pleasant soothing voice. You might even be professional singer. You are chock full of good manners, and you usually don't interrupt when others are speaking. You are a peaceful being. You think about money a lot. You think about how you'll get it, when you'll get it and how you'll get more of it. You are a genius investor, and you're financial books are in the black. You are rather a slow-witted thinker, but you are not stupid--you just want to be sure before you make any decisions. Once you've made up your mind, you do not waver. This sign possesses psychometry.

Gemini Mercury

Mercury is ruler in Gemini, making this an auspicious placement for Mercury. You're mental quicksilver. You think fast, you probably talk fast and you are never without a quick comeback in any situation. You are a natural conversationalist. You are social, keeping conversation light and airy. Your speaking voice is eloquent and charming, and your bubbly shows through. You have many siblings, probably younger brothers, and you are fond of dating people younger than yourself. However, mental attraction is a must for you. Gemini in this placement lends a good mind and a flirty disposition.

Cancer Mercury

Mercury in Cancer is psychic. You feel too much. You hear other peoples' thoughts without them saying a word. It just comes natural for you to read people. Words mean nothing as you see right through all the warm and fuzziness or condescending comments. You are sensitive and shy. However, if betrayed, you cut deeper than any other sign verbally. You are cruel. Your have the best memory of the zodiac, possessing an uncanny ability to recall memories of early infancy. These memories seem almost dreamlike, but the feeling experienced at that exact moment will be sharp. You are psychic, and visions come through impressions. You feel what they feel.

Leo Mercury

This placement of Leo produces a confident public speaker. The voice is clear and loud, sometimes even boisterous. The egomaniac is showy, and communication is just one more platform where Leo can impress. You are intelligent and charming, somewhat flirty. Mercury in Leo often thinks about romance. There is much communication with children. This position makes an excellent early educator. Because they understand the mind of a child so much, they relate well to children. There is a lot of artistic ability here. Good ideas are bound to spring from such an imaginative well. And, Leo knows how to present those ideas, making him an inspirational leader. This placement must learn to curb the tendency to excessively boast. Natives make excellent ambassadors, bookmakers, school administrators, etc.

Virgo Mercury

Mercury is dignified in the sign of Virgo, which it rules. This is an excellent position that is observant, intelligent and pays attention to intricate details that other people miss. You are extremely critical of both yourself and others--but as a Virgo Mercury, we can safely say mostly others. Cruel words are likely. Virgo Mercury really needs to learn the idea of constructive criticism and not just criticism for criticism?s sake. You have an inability to see the big picture as you are focusing too hard on the details. But, if Virgo did not mind the store, who would? Natives make excellent bookkeepers, data entry clerks, governmental or bureaucratic clerks, military personnel and medical transcribers and neurologists and dressmakers.

Libra Mercury

Libra has a beautiful voice that has only kind words for others. This placement lends flirtatious social graces which drives the opposite sex wild. The voice is likely pleasant, and even, maybe but not deep. There will no lack of artistic talent, giving way to soothing pastels and harmonious melodies. This charmer is never alone, and might seem co-dependent. He or she definitely believes in the sanctimony of marriage. The marriage partner is likely to be younger. There will legal issues with plenty of paperwork for this placement of Mercury. Here is a sound mind well-versed in the law. Natives excel as orators, diplomats, singers, musicians, artists, sculptors, painters and attorneys.

Scorpio Mercury

Scorpio is secretive. People don't know everything about you. You're closet is bursting with skeletons. You are the ultimate strategist, winning any argument. You're speaking voice is powerful, and commands respect. You won't tolerate anyone else getting the last word. You think about sex almost as much as you think about world domination. You possess deep insight into how others think and why they behave the way they do. This placement makes a psychologist. You are a deep thinker concerned with issues beyond the realm of our senses. You are psychic, and there is communication with the dead. You may have a morbid fascination with death. Natives excel as researchers, private investigators, psychoterapists, decoders and decipherers of obscure texts and neurosurgeons.

Sagittarius Mercury

Mercury lies within its detriment in Sagittarius. This placement produces the salesman. You have a habit of interrupting people and telling them what you really think. Good manners are absent; truth takes precedent over niceties. You think big. Your ideas and dreams might be delusions of grandeur. You talk with your hands, accidentally smacking people in the face while speaking. You exaggerate. You are a philosopher in search of truth, and you possess deep insight into any problem. You are the proselytizer, converting others to your beliefs or thinking. A hyper-hypocrite, you harshly judge others who don't concur. You possess plenty of common sense, You learn fast, especially when it comes to life lessons. You cannot keep a secret. Avoid spreading vicious, embellished rumors.

Capricorn Mercury

Mercury in Capricorn produces a reticent, serious career-minded individual. Your voice is probably soothing with low tones. You have a good reputation to uphold, and you do well at keeping up appearances. You are shrewd in business. You most likely invest in things that provide long-term benefits. You are the boss, and it is likely that employees beneath you both respect and fear you. You are content planning for your next big corporate takeover. This ruthless cut-throat approach to business makes you an excellent strategist and worthy opponent. You possess the ability to create something from nothing as your ideas crystallize.

Aquarius Mercury

Mercury is exalted in this sign. It functions quite well. The word to describe you is weirdo. You are charming and light, rather curious about everything and everybody. You tend toward radical thinking and you say things that shock people just for the joy of seeing the look on their faces. You talk to everyone without prejudice. Your ease with people makes them feel like they've known you for years, and you have a great ability to converse on any number of odd subjects, and talking to you is quite intellectually stimulating. You share a lot of communication with friends, who play a huge role in your world. The voice may be unusual in some way as Uranus rules Aquarius.

 With a left-brained scientific mind that understands numbers combined with intuition, you are never at a loss for an inventive solution to a problem. You think about how to transform your world into a better place. Your intuitive visions strike in flashes like lightning. Natives make excellent scientific data researchers, astrologers, musicians and propagandists.

Pisces Mercury

Mercury lies in its fall when found in the sign of the fish. Pisces in this position tends to spin webs of fantasy and lies. You may intentionally lie, or the case may be that you just get so wrapped up into your own world that you warp it somehow to fit your own truth. This position of Mercury has an extraordinary imagination and dreams may seem very real. Your words create an illusion and people can be confused by you. However, your words hold power to hypnotize. Avoid the tendency toward mental escapism, which could come in the form of drugs or mental illness. Psychic ability visits during the dream state. Natives excel as both prose and fictional writers, screenwriters, journalists, broadcasters, secretaries at large organizations and sleep specialists. 

The Moon is exalted at 3 Taurus

Moon Phases

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New Moons Through the Signs

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Mercury is exalted at 15 Virgo

Mercury Retrograde Keywords



















Mercury Conjunct Mars

A convergence of commerce and war.

A conjunction aspect indicates much mental energy, acute and sharp. It also denotes arguments and argumentativeness. This person is verbally quick, sharp and rude. These individuals never beat around the bush or sugar coat anything. Instead, they blurt out exactly what's on their minds. Speech is usually loud and abrasive. They probably possess great tactical skill and a real quickness. This aspect bestows ambition in commerce and these people do well to live by their wits, although they can be sometimes rash, impetuous and perhaps a bit of a shyster.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Chariot of Truth

A conjunction between these two planets make natives honest; however, they are prone to exaggeration. They are confident in speaking. They interrupt others, seeming rude without realizing it; however, they are just trying to get their point across. Natives pinpoint discrepancies in what others say. Those born under this influence will travel overseas and to foreign lands. International commerce is also likely. Natives benefit from global trade. Professions may require they travel. This conjunct produces excellent orators, debaters, interpreters, translators, chancellors, deans, ambassadors and evangelists.

Mercury conjunct Neptune

The trickster hand in hand with the master of masquerade.

Mercury lends intellectuality to the mystic planet and Neptune redeems the cold brilliancy of the star of reason. At the same time, Mercury is the trickster, and Neptune the master of masquerade, and these, in combination often produce a whimsicality or perversity....It sometimes gives logic divorced from common sense.~Aleister Crowley

These two planets conjoined give a ripe imagination coupled with a persuasiveness. Inherent in the native is an element of criminality. Natives are liars. This aspect bestows sleight of hand, lending to thievery. It can indicate idiocy; however, this is not necessarily the case, but rather common sense is forfeited for some ideal. People with this aspect perceive everything while wearing their rose-colored glasses. Natives are fickle.

Mercury conjunct Pluto

The Magician

A conjunction between these two planets make natives inquisitive and rather manipulative. They dissect both themselves and others psychologically. They can be forceful in their speech, resorting to blackmail and coercion. Their words are powerful, impacting listeners and bringing about transformation whether they realize it or not. Those born under this influence delight in mysteries of all sorts and perhaps even the occult. Death holds a fascination for such individuals. Ideal professions are magicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, spies and mystery novelists.