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Chiron Report


Get Your Chiron Report.

"I appreciated your reports a lot and I go on discovering astrology and exploring all aspects of Black Moon Lilith and Chiron that will be shown to me, as they move through the signs....Truly a divine gift. "

~ A.M.

Order your Chiron Report and discover your own Chirotic experience.  The Wounded Healer represents where we are both wounded and healed.  Ironically, it is often one in the same.  The very thing that wounds ultimately heals.

What does Chiron mean in your chart? Are you utilizing your creative power to its full potential? How can you heal?

Find answers to these questions and learn how to work through your Chiron and discover your inherent Chirotic gift(s) with this 15-page Chiron Report.

Included in your 15-page report:


  • Chiron by Sign
  • Chiron by House
  • Your Saturn
  • Your Uranus
  • Chiron in Aspect
  • Chiron Midpoints
  • Healing Through Chiron
  • Your Healing Gift


Please allow three weeks for delivery. This is a customized report created specifically for you by me. Therefore, this item is non-refundable. Thank you for your patience.

Please specify name, sex, birthdate mm/dd/yyyy, time and location of birth. If time of birth is unknown, please specify.

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