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Astrology in Action

The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac

Adriano Carelli

Adriano Carelli is authored, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac. This book was originally published by the American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., in 1977. Carelli's interpretation was based on the three sources: 1) Italian 13th Century astrologer Pietro d'Abano 2) Theban Calendar; and 3) The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized co-authored by Charubel and Sepharial.

However, as there are some similarities, some symbolism was not in agreement, forcing him to expound on the symbols by meditating on them, creating what was to become the best book on the zodiacal symbolism subject.

I have studied the meaning of the 360 degrees in the zodiac for 25 years. In my personal opinion, this is the best book on the subject. Unfortunately, it is not the most popular. However, I find this book more accurate than any other degree symbolism book, and I consider it the ultimate authority on the subject.

Below, I have listed excerpts from the book, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac by Adriano Carelli. Listed are the first two degrees of each sign of the zodiac.  

1 Aries

Symbol: An armed warrior of Herculean build tilling the soil.

An outstanding, original, independent personality. His ambitions and aims are beyond the common mark. He is up to great undertakings and can stand the hardest tests, not so much with the forces supplied by a spiritual faith (which the native may or may not have, according to the other features of his horoscope), as with the inborn energy of his own character; not only in the name of an ideal (which he may or may not feel) but especially with a tangible result in sight.

Here are the marks of endurance, positivism or at any rate practical sense. Such a nature will do everything passionately (even the most passionless, self-denying deeds), will be led by natural aggressiveness, seldom by human solidarity, and prompted by a spirit of contest, which in less noble beings may drift into base envy.

2 Aries

Remarkable powers of concentration, of close, steady, well-planned work (as, for instance, laboratory research), with chances of good results for science. There is faith in oneself and in one's forces with the attendant danger of haughtiness, overbearingness, ostentation in one's own abilities. One's ideas are challengingly asserted, one's own way of life is pursued with a tendency to full self-sufficiency. At the same, time, there will be hardly any ability to personally exploit the scientific results obtained.

Few friendships; an unsocial, perhaps even grouchy character. The native may let his envy of his neighbor run away with himself.

1 Taurus

The native will have to stand forever on the lookout ready to parry unforeseen attacks, as his destiny has fierce struggles in store. But in struggles he surely will thrive and revel as if it were his own element, and he will engage himself in them to his utmost. He has a great will power, is versed in tricks and makeshifts, and can be very reserved in spite of his liking for arguments and polemics. Churlish and insensitive to pain, he seems born to have things his own way in spite of the war furiously waged against him on all sides. He may even be endowed with magic powers.

This hard character’s failing is ungenerous; it may even become cruelty.

2 Taurus

Symbol: A man dying on the ground. Clouds hide the Sun.

It is a degree of impotence, the karma of one who in a previous life was driven to murder in a fit of despair. Therefore, in the present life the native will be loath to insert himself as a living being in to the moving flux of time and space. The present repels him, human society holds no attraction for him. If he, therefore, does not find an outlet in the pursuit of nature's secrets or in historical studies and the like, he will lapse into a dull idleness, root of all evils.

He must break the ominous spell isolating him spiritually from his kind if he is not to find realized in himself the biblical threat, Vae soli (Woe to him that is alone--Eccl. 4:11). He must draw a wholesome lesson from his disappointments and realize that he has produced them himself with is wrong attitude of a estrangement from life.

 Life must e loved if she is to present to us with her gifts; these are not to be frowned upon in comparison with the unattainable day-dreams, toyed with by cloud-dwellers apt to slump defeated to the ground if they cannot reach their aims.

Any vital force that does not find a proper outlet will cease to flow. the greater one's inborn vitality, the more quickly idleness will blight it.

1 Gemini

Friendship has a lion’s share in the native’s life. Prompted by his unprejudiced, merry, kind, confident nature, he will lay open his heart and his hearth to his friends and will expect them to do the same to him. Influent and highly placed people may take a sincere liking to him, obliging him with their protection and such favors as may greatly help him in his private life and public career.

All of which is likely to happen, but the other astrologic aspects must, as usual, not be lost sight of. Friendship may be interesting and purposeful, and the unconditional surrender of one’s home may lead to family strife and married unhappiness on the side of the more confiding and naively faithful partner. Or worse, should the horoscope point to lack of dignity and self-respect, it could be assumed that favors and protection have been curried by conniving to one’s own wife’s misbehavior and support for her lover from the betrayed husband and friend. Even if such a point is not reached, the friendship’s moral influence may prove harmful to self-respect.

In female charts, this degree may portend laborious and even deadly deliveries.

2 Gemini

A writer friend of mine, whose birth degree is this, has devised an Ex Libris a man armed with an ice axe looking from the bottom at a mountain top, and the motto Why not? As I cannot think of a better one, let me quote this Ex Libris, whose image and slogan both are as suitable as any to illustrate the typical attitude of this second degree of Gemini. On e could add the Latin proverbs audaces fortuna juvat and memento audere semper.

A great ambition ruling over a great courage, which is in turn rewarded by a great fortune.

The rest of the pattern must, as usual, suggest how to interpret this correctly. Whatever the share of mental gifts the stars have meted out to him, the native has the power of concentration and can, as the case may be, discover, innovate or find original practical applications, as the other components show.

He may be a daring and gifted reformer of a natural science (physics, chemistry, etc.) whom the misocists will oppose violently and the rivals try to rob of his discoveries, but he will triumph over both. Where the astrologic pointers are all of a spiritual nature, the innovation and the attending fights ma refer to spiritual sciences and the religious reform. In the case of an artists they may refer to till-then-untried techniques, or the like. In a less bright horoscope and with police pointers, the native will be a new Sherlock Holmes breaking new ways open to investigation and fearlessly hand-shackling the criminals; and getting the truth from them without having recourse to violence. Or he may be a criminal of genius, like unscrupulous Aresene Lupin versus Sherlock Holmes, a bright plagiarist, etc.

1 Cancer

Lasting and close ties of affection, probably legal union, tender and sensuous married love; the native will be completely given over both to her marriage partner and to her own relatives. Inborn goodness and fidelity, natural merriness and fortune’s deserved smile will make her popular and universally liked. These bonds of affection will, however, tie her and limit her freedom of movement, as well as her chances of fully exploiting her good luck.

Many are the native’s gifts: a musical aptitude with a pronounced sense of rhythm; a faculty for exact sciences in general, especially mechanics; a rigorous logical mind, keen on seizing the cause-effect relation in things; a sense for business, particularly for sea-borne trade (provided that the family does not contrast the native’s passion for travel). The other aspects will have to show which of these tendencies ought to be followed.

2 Cancer

Symbol: A knick-knack in a glass case

Whether the native is hard-working or, as he is likelier to be, lazy and sluggish, he will usually not prove up to the task of earning his keep. If he works at all, his work stays unfruitful, or goes to produce only superfluous, trifling and refined objects, the only things the native seems to be fond of. He ought to take a job connected with perfumes, luxury and fashion, the dressing or tailoring trade and the like.

Favorably aspected elsewhere, he may become an artist in the highest sense of the word, in the domain of figurative arts; in which case his anarchic sloth, his individualism and his jealousy toward his colleagues would fit into the pattern of those moral failings even Philistines are willing to pardon in artistic bohemians. Whether an artist or not, the native is only too prone to depend on others for his maintenance. But even as a toady, there is something noble about him. His inborn virtues will be sweetness, nicety, smartness, above all, a sincere love of beauty.

One physical feature is his often abnormal fear of air drafts.

1 Leo

Symbol: Alone and weaponless, Samson tears up with his bare hands the lion come to attack him

"Out of the eater came forth meat and out of the strong came forth weakness." Judges 14:14

But for modesty, the native is endowed with all the qualities required to master himself and others. A man of high standing, he will reap victory over his enemies.

Should he curb his inborn daring and strength with mildness and restraint, he might become a benefactor of his own subjects. Otherwise his exceptional power and unchallenged faith in himself will drift into high-handedness, inner dignity will stray into exterior pompousness; the flattering of men and the enticements of women around him to which he is apt to lend much too willing an ear, will prove his undoing.

The native’s karma might be bound or interwoven with that of his nation, a thing of which he might have to bear the consequences as well for evil (obscurity and oblivion, at least for awhile) as for good (lasting renown). The horoscope is a whole will have to lead the interpretation on this point.

2 Leo

Symbol: A rudderless ship, prey to the waves

Danger of shipwreck ahead. Devoid of moral strength, lacking decision and self-appreciation. This one hundred and twenty-second degree of the zodiac is a reverse of the previous one, though, being in common with it, exposed to trouble and having karmic connections with the surrounding community.

The native is besides a nervous and oversensitive subject. He might often be an artist, and might be blind sometimes to his own uncommon gifts. Unable to steer the course of his won life, he will go adrift materially and spiritually, will be tossed and bounced right and left.

The omen of the shipwreck might literally come true; there might be shipwreck in the real sense of the word.

William Lilly's Christian Astrology Table of Azimene Degrees

1 Virgo

Symbol: A hunting party. Smart riders and fair sportswomen gallop merrily to the horns’ blare and the hounds’ yelps.

A sociable, merry and probably frivolous and superficial nature, fond of collective games in general (but not of individual or athletic sport), especially horseback riding and hunting. One endowed with scanty wits, but plenty of friends and acquaintances, and love affairs galore. The native’s gift for getting in tune with different kinds of people makes him the pivot of merrymakings, excursions and obviously of hunting parties. His gentlemanlike discretion will let people overlook his either sentimental or merely erotic adventures, which all will suspect, but of which none will know the victims with certitude.

Should the subject couple a certain earnestness to his outward smartness, to his worldly achievements and gallantry, he is sure to be successful, as many an association formed in pleasure and sport will immensely further his professional advancement.

In less lucky charts this influence will easily drift astray into cruel selfishness and double-dealing, which are natural tendencies in a libertine, as in Maupassant’s Belami.

Where the horoscope is particularly bad, the native will be a sadist, a seducer of minors, a gangster, perhaps a murderer; but even thus perverted, a sociable spirit still will be traceable to him.

The native will tend to bodily fullness and will need plenty of sleep.

2 Virgo

This degree confers a great abstract intelligence, a manifold versatility, a methodical and precise mental procedure, a special gift for military and mathematical sciences, a keen min constantly on the lockout, but if no other influences in the pattern supply practical skill, the native will be as clumsy in carrying out as he has been brilliant in conceiving.

A dry and cool nature, whose earnestness can border on unwieldiness, whose endurance can drift into stubbornness and maniacal conceit. One endowed with great steadfastness but none of those deep impulses which only a feeling-not merely a reckoning-nature can give a human being. The resulting attitude is mostly one of apathy, sometimes of fatalistic indolence and sluggish-ness. Spiritually, the native is an atheist or, worse, an agnostic. Financially he is in for a miserable and roaming life when other aspects do not correct this one.

A decided prevalence of the elements of water and fire in the birth pattern can correct the dryness and coldness of this being. Water only would add to his sloth and fickleness, fire alone would heighten his dryness.

1 Libra

Symbol: A man brandishing a sword in his right hand and a dagger in his left.

Warlike but hypersensitive, hardly regardful of other people’s prejudices and feelings, yet strictly just and tidy; strong and active but impatient, the native appears self-contradictory and hard to understand. On one hand he is martial, even quarrelsome, ever ready to face danger, heady in everything he does; he will crush the obstacles in his path, break his way open and tread it in spite of anyone. On the other hand he will sincerely regret his being at dagger’s point with his neighbors and surroundings, though failing to understand why, and will not swerve an Inch from the right path in what concerns debit and credit. He is not inclined to marry; his fiery recklessness will rush him headlong Into trouble; his hands are liable to get hurt.

This first decree of Libra clearly admits, among the features peculiar to this sign, cult of justice and love of art, along with other strains jarring with Libra’s general influence.

2 Libra

Symbol: Raffaello's St. Cecily

A musical disposition. A great intelligence, thirsting for hidden truths, keen on fathoming the mysteries of the universe. A very kind and humane soul, an exquisite tact, a generous heart, a fine insight.

These gifts do not seem to be matched by a sufficiently hardened character. Hence perhaps a bent toward a deep melancholy. Faced with human wickedness, this soul will take refuge in God. Such a religious feeling may lead the native to the sacred orders and may as well drift into a craze, according to other astrological components.

1 Scorpio

Symbol: Othello.

(Attention should be paid to the Shakespearian character’s nature, not to the story of his marriage to a gentlewoman much younger than himself.)

A fierce, daring, snappish and high-handed temperament; an altruistic, generous, impassioned and unrestrained nature, brimming over with bodily and mental strength, led into endless strife by the wayward quarrelsomeness; impatient bluster; frantic outbursts of wrath; high-strung lustfulness and fitful jealousy. With all this the native is most likely to stick to someone unto death and to let himself be unconditionally ruled by the person loved.

In less developed beings, the lack of restraint in anger and lust may drift into delinquency if other astrological factors concur. Anyway, there will be quarrels, break-up of friendships, duels and the like.

2 Scorpio

Symbol: An elephant

Essential elements of this personality are strength, sturdiness, wide mental range, ponderation and slowness in everything.

A detailed description, taking bodily features into account, will point to a tall and stolid frame, a large nose and small, lively eyes; an individually marked character, a strong soul, gifted with sharp and deep judgment. The native has not only a mentally great head, much humanity and plenty of power, but is cautious, reserved, unprejudiced, either evenly melancholic or fearlessly confident in the future. Though he is normally easy and self-controlled, his wrath will know no bounds if he is rouse. His memory is exceptionally retentive of both good and evil; his grudges can hardly be smoothed over.

Sturdiness may lead sometimes to stubbornness, the huge strength may stray into high-handedness; in particularly ill-aspected charts, greatness may induce a swelled head. Less seldom, the native-basically sober as hie is--may develop an unnatural tasted for the macabre and may be obsessed with the idea of death. This in its turn may be sublimated into a surgical talent or into mystical contemplation of the next world.

1 Sagittarius

This degree confers an unruly imagination that may run away with the native at times, but it will give him a keen and ready insight as well. He will not avoid trouble, but his scent will be so delicate and his wits so piercing as to enable him to take off at a glance the most entangled situations and to tell accurately truth from falsehood, right from wrong.

Freedom is for him a proud and jealous possession. There will be a sensitive, easy and natural disposition, a simple, somewhat unprejudiced and whimsical spirit.

The greatest danger is a certain tendency to get into scrapes through association with reckless people. Where other astrological data fit into the picture of a rebellious and knavish character, this may go so far as to mean penal condemnation, even capital sentence as a result of conspiracy and murder, provided that local laws warrant capital execution. In charts evidencing that kind of legalized villainy—the birthmark of cops and detectives—there will be obvious risks attending upon such professions. In an honest and law-abiding nativity, danger will derive from other people’s light-mindedness (like serious losses, incidents harmful to one’s body, etc.).

Anyway, it will be a life of distress and hardships and of such continuous efforts as to tax the endurance of the strongest. There will be a religious sense and a certain philosophic wisdom even in the bobby, lightening the burden of life and suggesting ways of making the best of it.

2 Sagittarius

A warlike and aggressive nature. The native may be as well a romantic Stummer und Dranger as a quarrelsome swashbuckler, ever ready to engage in brawls and therefore exposed to the risk of violent death. Anyhow, he cannot put up with the dullness of a humble middle-class life. The unknown calls him, and a craving for wonderful adventures possesses him.

1 Capricorn

Symbol: A couple of twins.

This degree is in partial contrast with this whole sign’s influence as it tends to weaken, if not entirely to blot out Capricorn’s main features—that outer isolation and that inner feeling of seclusion from the rest of mankind.

The native’s essential trait is a close tie to another human being, possibly neither a lawful nor an unlawful marriage partner; the whole of the pattern will have to specify which kind of bond this is. All suppositions are admitted; the subject may have a twin brother or sister (the extreme case being Siamese twins) and that may have a decisive bearing on his or her existence; he may have a kind of spiritual brother or brotherly twin ray, as the legend has it of Orestes and Pylades. In a thief’s pattern, this influence will tend to establish a criminal partnership to be dissolved only by the gallows; in a degenerate’s pattern there may be a homosexual tie of durable character.

In all of these cases the answers to such questions as whether there is any reciprocal affection, which of the two brothers is the other’s succuba, are to be sought elsewhere.

Other features: a great—nay, exceptional—versatility for a Capricornian, a certain intellectual merriness wiping out altogether or dimming the sign of the rampart’s usual rampaging character; a diplomatic gift easily perverted into double-dealing and treachery, which can, however, lead very far either in an ambassador’s or in a consul’s career, or in that of a trade commissioner, or in cultural exchanges.

The typical self-assurance of Capricorn is stronger than ever in this first degree; the faith in oneself and in one’s cause is driven to its utmost.

2 Capricorn

Symbol: A weather cock on top of an old steeple

The lack of character, of constancy, of steadiness, perhaps of resolution, are this native's heel of Achilles, who would otherwise hold the best trumps to win at the gambling table of earthly life.

He never will be at his wits' end; he will be rich in initiative, will guess the right able of each problem, will have a penetrating mind and possibly a gift for architecture. In his thirst for sublime things he harbors a deep respect for everything sacred and ancient. Yes his intellectual powers risk fruitlessness in spit of the most strenuous efforts, as these will be inconsequent and jerky.

1 Aquarius

Embarrassment of riches. If other components enable the native to make up his mind without delay and to stick to his decision, he will be in a position to enjoy the fruit Providence has strewn in plenty along his earthly path. Faith in God and contempt of hackneyed ideas and prejudices are supported in him by a creative imagination and a fair intelligence, but those faculties may drift easily into fatalism, self-centered haughtiness and idle daydreaming.

Yet the real danger lies elsewhere. Should the pattern fail to show any trace of resolution which, as stated above, the native even too badly needs, the very favors of fortune would be wasted on him. Many an occasion will pop up and slide away before he has found it in himself to grasp it. His rightful place in the world may be taken by the first comer, even by someone less intelligent and scrupulous than himself.

This degree rules the hands; favorable aspects give ambidexterity, whereas harmful ones make every gesture of the upper limbs awkward and clumsy.

2 Aquarius

An outstandingly powerful and manifold mind, capable of probing deep and ranging far, keen on scientific research and philosophical musing (each of which does not bar the other); apt to fathom the unknown and to improve on the known; independence in character and scientific methods: a great handiness.

1 Pisces

Symbol: Goethe’s Mittler in his work “Elective Affinities”

Concordla discors: a typically dualistic and divalent influence. The native is a live wire, and his main problem is how to deal with his neighbors in all senses from spiritual exchange to sexual intercourse. Whether he will eventually find his feet, or stay a misfit in his surroundings, will depend on the horoscope looked at as a whole.

In the former case the native will be an extremely sociable person and a useful go-between, intercessor and peacemaker. He will make a faithful and staunch friend, endowed with the gift of persuasion and of adapting himself to any environment. Marriage ought to be extremely lucky unless particularly unfavorable aspects bear upon marriage relations in the horoscope; ambitions ought to be peacefully satisfied.

In the latter, he will be a peevish, grumpy, inquisitive meddler, with an unpredictable and often snappishly short temper.

Exactly as in Goethe’s character we chose as a symbol, the virtues and shortcomings of this degree may co-exist in a few cases (see Freud’s theory of ambivalence).

The most suitable professions are those connected with the law: magistrate, banister, solicitor, coroner, attorney, notary.

2 Pisces

The native is a good-natured, outwardly harmless scholar, but excessive negligence and inborn slackness prevent his being refined. Far from being rough, he is superficially very uncouth, a lazy, haphazard fatalist.

But an emotional, touchy, fitful and skittish, altogether choleric character slumbers under the surface, which one had better not rouse. the rush of self-willed fury of which He will then prove capable will be such as to smash and sweep away everything and everyone. A boundless ambition, which was dozing under the cloak of the epicurean student, awakens suddenly when the native realizes mankind's cowardice and its willingness to appreciate only those who bully it and brutally kick it in the pants.

In spite of this the native is unlikely to manage well what he has, or to acquire permanently new wealth, as his action develops by fits and starts and he does things only when roused. Once the fury has abated he is apt to wonder why one should act at all. thus he may sooner or later find himself broke and forlorn.

This furious resentment may sublime into noble indignation, and ambition may purify itself into unselfish aspirations. Astrological components inducive of altruism may move the native to an heroic sacrifice for the benefit of mankind.

360 Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized

Charubel and Sepharial co-authored the 360 Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized.

Below, I have listed Charubel's 17th degree of each sign of the zodiac. Likewise, I have listed Sepharial's 18th degree of each sign of the zodiac immediately following each of Charubel's degrees.

17 Aries

Symbol: A ship in mid-ocean; a boundless expanse of water. It is a merchant ship.

The person of this degree will be a successful merchant. He may prove a great traveler or navigator, and may get a name that will be handed down in history.

18 Aries

Symbol: A man and woman standing hand in hand, looking with affection towards one another.

This denotes a person of an amiable and pleasant disposition, friendly to all, and beloved of his kinsmen. One who desires peace and concord, and who will meet with success through the intervention of some female friend. It is the degree of AMITY.

17 Taurus

Symbol: A very small cottage at the base of a very high mountain, where jutting rocks appear to overhang the cottage perpetually threatening its destruction.

A truly good person; one who has implicit faith in the Most High.

18 Taurus

Symbol: Two bulls are seen fighting together.

This denotes a petulant and warlike character, who is ever ready to take up arms with the slightest cause. Danger by one's own hand as much as by that of opponents is threatened. The native will make many enemies. He who takes to the sword perishes by it. It is a degree of STRIFE.

17 Gemini

Symbol: A square, containing twelve small squares, resembling the breast plate of the Jewish high priest.

Denotes one of a reverential and devotional disposition. Very secretive, a student of the occult, and one capable of might deeds as a magician.

18 Gemini

Symbol: A flying arrow.

It indicates a person of lofty aspirations, keen mental powers, penetration and executive ability. One who will cut out his own line in life and excite attention, but who may, by his destiny, fail in achieving the result aimed at. it is a degree of EXECUTION.

17 Cancer

Symbol: An artificial globe.

This denotes one who will travel; a student; and one who may make many discoveries.

18 Cancer

Symbol: A cluster of faded exotics, very sweet and sickly to the smell.

It indicates a person of extreme frailty of character, unable to hold his own in the broad feilds of life, and very timorous of exposure to the keen winds of criticism. One who will live in luxury even when of small means; a person with very little mettle, fond of pleasures and of fictitious stimulants. The native will eventually fall on evil days. It is a degree of SATIETY.

17 Leo

Symbol: A wild boar.

Denotes one whom you may kill, but never conquer; nor will he be induced to adopt willingly the tricky policies of modern civilisation. He has a life of his own, a sphere of his own, and pleasures of his own. He may be designated coarse and impolite, but such epithets make little or no impression on him.

18 Leo

Symbol: A bright mirror in which the Sun's rays are reflected.

It denotes a person of extremely brilliant and powerful intellect, who will make his mark in the world by means of his learning and assimilating the ideas of others, but on the other hand he will be equally apt in original inventions and brilliant schemes. the nature is sympathetic, kind and generous, and will be admired for his good deeds. It is a degree of SHINING.

17 Virgo

Symbol: A person being carried by four men in a sedan chair.

A favourite of fortune, he will have the good luck to accumulate wealth; will be endowed with good parts, and possessed of numerous accomplishments. But his idleness and characteristic sloth may render him a useless member of society, and , as a consequence, self-indulgence may prove his ruin.

18 Virgo

Symbol: An old white-headed man surrounded by happy children.

It denotes to the native a long and happy life; an old age invested with the comforts of homely affection. It endows the native with a kind, benevolent and fatherly interest in his fellows, especially those of tender years. He will be much beloved, and will end his days in prosperity and peace. It is a degree of GUARDIANSHIP.

17 Libra

Symbol: A horse saddled and bridled, and galloping away without a rider.

Let this native shun the hunting field and beware of all equestrian adventures. Let him remember also that the horse is the symbol for the senses, and the rider of the mind.

18 Libra

Symbol: A well-lighted house with open door.

It denotes a person of hospitable and homely nature, ever ready with the best of fare to entertain friends and acquaintances. The native will grow to be much beloved for his open-handedness and sincerity of feeling. He will be both prosperous and happy, and will rejoice in the company of his friends. It is a degree of HOSPITALITY.

17 Scorpio

Symbol: A female in a state of nudity.

Denotes a voluptuous person, liable to be carried away by the lower passions.

18 Scorpio

Symbol: A woman charming snakes, one of which is twined about her neck.

It is the index of a watchful, brave, but suspicious and jealous nature. Such an one will brave many dangers for the sake of mastery over the passions of others, and will be active in the attainment of the arts of conquest. Nevertheless it is probable that eventually the life will be endangered thereby, and, beyond the loss of power where it is most to be desire, the danger of a poisoned love, or a yet more sinister folly, will threaten to crush and obliterate this person. It is a degree of JEALOUSY.

17 Sagittarius

Symbol: A little boy in a state of nudity blowing bubbles.

Much innocence, one who will live long, but one who will do but little good or harm; ever bent of personal amusement, and such as may be deemed worthless.

18 Sagittarius

Symbol: A man's face painted with grotesque scrolls and surrounded by a mass of tangled hair.

It is the index of a mind that is without proper balance, given over to vain and wild projects, neither useful nor fortunate. Such an one is in danger of losing his reason by disappointment of foolish and inconsequent efforts. He mode of life will be eccentric, and the expression of his thought touched with a singular grotesqueness and peculiarity. There may be genius; but if so, of an unpractical and fruitless type: more probably there will be lack of reason. It is a degree of DISORDER.

17 Capricorn

Symbol: A man with a large pair of scales in the act of weighing.

One who will have much to do with weights and measures; he will have a liking for such employment, and will be apt in matters of detail.

18 Capricorn

Symbol: Two men in fierce strife.

This symbol denotes one whose aggressive and quarrelsome nature will lead him into all sorts of difficulties and dangers, from which it is to be feared he will not escape unhurt. Contentious, reviling and unorthodox, his mind will be at war with prevailing opinions and popular beliefs. He will create discord wherever he goes, and be a sorry test to men of humane and benevolent dispositions. His nature is devoid of frankness and he does not admit the truth even to himself, but opposes all and everyone on whatever ground is open to debate. In a word, he is the Ishmaelite, and will finally be deserted and abandoned to the mercies of his mother Nature. It is a degree of STRIFE.

17 Aquarius

Symbol: A naked man, having a serpent coiled around the lower part of the body.

A vicious degree; denotes one subject to filthy habits and deeds; he that hath this degree on the ascendant should "Know himself" and seek to conquer his evil nature.

18 Aquarius

Symbol: An old woman seated on a stool with a hooded cloak wrapped closely round her.

This is the index of one whose nature will be warped by feelings of selfishness and jealousy. He will exhibit little, if any, interest in the common lot of humanity, and will assume an attitude of melancholy, silent and envious misanthropy. Such as one cannot fail to become a source of hatred and malice to his own hurt and that of others.

 Wrapped around with the cloak of selfishness, he will fail to attain happiness in his own life and will be jealous o fit in that of others. Hence bitterness and secret enmity will poison his soul, and in the end he will be in danger of an isolation not less painful because merited, and will be cut off from kith and kin and left to his own imperfect and cramped resources. Let him study to preserve interest and sympathy in all that is human and so escape being abandoned of Heaven and Earth. It is a degree of ISOLATION.

17 Pisces

Symbol: A man with two horses ploughing.

This is not to be taken literally, psychically or spiritually. The field denotes this world of mankind, and as the plough is the first instrument employed by way of preparing the earth for the reception of the precious seed, this native will be a pioneer, or forerunner, to prepare the way for a higher manifestation.

18 Pisces

Symbol: A horse and its rider falling at a fence.

This symbol denotes one whose career will be broken either in some foreign land or in the pursuit of an enterprise that is strange and foreign to this nature and capacity.. He will be adventuresome and headstrong, and will pursue his course regardless of consequences. His taste for outdoor sports will be prominent and will lead him into dangers, especially if he should follow equestrian pleasures. To some who are born under this degree calamity will accrue from transgression of the law. Let all such keep their passions in subjection by the power of the will and bridle their desires. It is a degree of CATASTROPHE.

The Sabian Symbols

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones

Doctor Marc Edmund Jones authored The Sabian Symbols in Astrology. The Sabian symbols were borne in 1922 by clairvoyant means with the help of psychic Elsie Wheeler.

This book is regarded by most astrologers to be an authority on the subject. Many erroneously consider the phrase "Sabian Symbols" as synonymous with the 360 degrees of the zodiac.

Below, I have listed excerpts from the book, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. Listed are the last degrees of each sign of the zodiac.

30 Aries

Symbol: A duck pond and its brood

This is the symbol of the eternal fitness of things, provided the individual take the fullest advantage of the cosmic ordering. Implicit in the symbolism is man's ability to establish his world experience according to his own needs, and to function effectively because he has the acumen to align himself with his own genius and to seek a personal satisfaction in a simple efficacy of being himself. The keyword is RELIABILITY. When positive, the degree is an accustomed competency or ease in dealing with immediate circumstances, and when negative, a tendency toward provincialism or an acceptance of life with an altogether uncritical complacency.

30 Taurus

Symbol: A peacock parading on an ancient lawn

This is a symbol of the proper dignification which can be given to superficial excellencies, and of the momentary elevation fo the individual beyond his capacity or worth as he is able to exhibit the various ideals of others in his own person. There is an insouciance of vulgar display that serves a purpose here, encouraging men to strive for outer ornament when they are as yet unquickened to inner or eternal values. The keyword is ALOOFNESS.

 When positive, the degree is a special flair for dramatizing the heritage of the race or for capitalizing on the lessons of history in some special fashion, and when negative, a wholly unrewarding if not destructive self-contemplation.

30 Gemini

Symbol: Bathing beauties

This is a symbol of human excellence on the side of purely natural endowment, and of the soul as wholly inadequate except as it is able to meet some need of everyday experience with the elements inherent in its make-up and so free from any or all responsibility to anything other than itself Here individuality gains a needed assurance through the phases of its being which prove immune from change or loss. A person becomes himself as he is able thus to stand radiant and reliant among the total of his fellows. The keyword is CHARM. When positive, the degree is a special capacity for bringing the familiar desires and interests to an enduring representation of worthiness, and when negative, regression to childish vanities.

30 Cancer

Symbol: A daughter of the American Revolution

This is a symbol of the enduring background in human relations as essentially dependent on an established tradition, and of a willingness to maintain it through a sharp rejection of any modifying influence of unsympathetic times or events. The emphasis here on an outer conservatism carries with it an implicit warning against any mere resistance to change, and also stresses the need for a life which is exemplary through its faithfulness to standards of proved worth. The keyword is INHERITANCE. When positive, the degree is an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unit, and when negative, the ultimate betrayal of selfhood by a false assumption of superiority.

30 Leo

Symbol: An unsealed letter

This is a symbol of the spiritual integrity of all things in and of themselves, dramatized here by the remarkable extent to which reliance may be placed on the discretion of others in even the most trivial details of the day-by-day living. Suspicion is a poison to the mind whenever it becomes a set of temperament rather than a normal competency in applying the lessons of experience, and in consequence man must trust his fellows in general and in spite of his frequent disillusionments in order to discover how far he may do so in every given case. The keyword is CONFIDENCE. When positive, the degree is exceptional skill in winning and holding the respect of everybody, and when negative, a genius for indiscreetness.

30 Virgo

Symbol: A false call unheard in attention to immediate service

This is a symbol of human responsibility as an immorality of the soul, and of a way of living which has achieved an absoluteness of attitude or understanding and is able in consequence to dramatize a high personal competency in everyday problem solving. Each individual creates his place for himself among his fellows, and thereafter all life tends to protects him in his way of going and all circumstances somehow seem to shape themselves for his convenience and encouragement. The keyword is SAFEGUARD. When positive, the degree is exceptionally gratifying self-fulfillment through the development of a genuine integrity, and when negative, consistently witless indiscretion.

30 Libra

Symbol: Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher's head

This is the symbol of the eternal fitness of things, as it lies within man's power to comprehend this for his own special guidance. Implicit n the symbolism is a challenge to each individual to develop full and equal potentialities of skills, allegiances and ideals, and to recognize cosmic order through its manifestation in his own person and affairs. In this fashion he comes to know the world, and thereupon is able to anticipate the ways of its going. The keyword is PRESCIENCE . When positive, the degree is a perfected integrity of self and an exceptional gift for furthering all progress, and when negative, a fatuous pride in mere intellect.

30 Scorpio

Symbol: The Halloween jester

This is a symbol of the proper informality in the release of the buoyant energies through which an individual gains refreshment, or its freed for the moment from life's insistent demand on him that he live according to some ideal beyond his potentiality. The dignification of what often becomes an overbroad humor here serves its purpose by encouraging man to attempt new and various modes of contact with his fellows, and thus ultimately to achieve a more genuine spiritual sensitiveness. The keyword is SPONTANEOUSNESS. When positive, the degree is a gift for making the desires and ambitions of self not only of interest but of actual value to others, and when negative, ineptness of self-expression and contempt for established values.

30 Sagittarius

Symbol: The Pope

This is the symbol of human excellence on the side of the special values exalted in the various social and political hierarchies of modern civilization, and of man's ambition as entirely inadequate except as he is able to meet some exceptional need of everyday experience and so proceed to dramatize whatever abilities he may have developed in climbing to the position in which he finds himself. A person is strengthened within himself by the appreciation he succeeds in winning from his fellows. The keyword is SANCTITY. When positive, the degree is an effective and spectacular sacrifice of self in some enduring service to the race at large, and when negative, inordinate love of self-display and surrender to a lust for power.

30 Capricorn

Symbol: A secret business conference

This is a symbol of the momentary background in human relations as essentially the product of current activities and attitudes, and of a determination to capitalize on any given situation through effective allegiances among the principal personalities involved. The emphasis here is on man's desire for an inner circle of associates through whom he may exercise a real control over immediate eventualities, and on his realization that in this fashion he may monopolize the resources of his fellows. The keyword is OPPORTUNITY. When positive, the degree is a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life, and when negative, rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

30 Aquarius

Symbol: The field of Ardath in bloom

This is a symbol of the spiritual integrity of nature herself, dramatized by Marie Corelli's mystic meadow of ancient Babylon as an ageless and special challenge to modern life. Everyone may count on the inherent friendliness of the universe, and in consequence on the capacity of man's destiny to endow him with fruits of his good rather than his bad words. The individual ultimately must rely on the world in which he finds himself., and so should live in such fashion that a reliance on him in turn is both possible and inviting. The keyword is CONTINUITY. When positive, the degree is self-illumination through exceptional service to others, and when negative, witless reaction to fantasy.

30 Pisces

Symbol: The Great Stone Face

This is a symbol of human responsibility as an immorality of the soul, and of a way of living which has become a continual manifestation of its ideals and so a constant dramatization of it self-discover to others as an encouragement to them in their own alignment to eternal reality. Each individual selects the image within himself to which he would shape himself outwardly, and this he comes to resemble as in Nathanial Hawthorn's tale. Destiny is character as it most persistently constitutes itself. The keyword is DISCERNMENT. When positive, the degree is self-integrity in its irresistible impact on the course of events, and when negative, wholly inarticulate and ineffectual self-realization.

Azimene Degrees by William Lilly

In Christian Astrology by William Lilly, he refers to certain degrees that portend certain characteristics. This information may originate earlier works from 16th century astrologers.

Masculine or Feminine


1-8 Aries

10-15 Aries

23-30 Aries

6-11 Taurus

18-21 Taurus

25-30 Taurus

6-16 Gemini

23-26 Gemini

1-2 Cancer

9-10 Cancer

13-23 Cancer

28-30 Cancer

1-5 Leo

9-15 Leo

24-30 Leo

9-12 Virgo

21-30 Virgo

1-5 Libra

16-20 Libra

28-30 Libra

1-4 Scorpio

15-17 Scorpio

26-30 Scorpio

1-2 Sagittarius

6-12 Sagittarius

25-30 Sagittarius

1-11 Capricorn

20-30 Capricorn

1-5 Aquarius

16-21 Aquarius

26-27 Aquarius

1-10 Pisces

21-23 Pisces

29-30 Pisces


9 Aries

16 -22 Aries

1-5 Taurus

12-17 Taurus

22-24 Taurus

1-5 Gemini

17-22 Gemini

27-30 Gemini

3-8 Cancer

11-12 Cancer

24-27 Cancer

6-8 Leo

16-23 Leo

1-8 Virgo

13-20 Virgo

6-15 Libra

21-27 Libra

5-14 Scorpio

18-25 Scorpio

3-5 Sagittarius

13-24 Sagittarius

12-19 Capricorn

6-15 Aquarius

22-25 Aquarius

28-30 Aquarius

11-20 Pisces

24-28 Pisces

Light or Dark

If the Ascendant falls on a light degree, natives will be fair and imperfections minor; if the Ascendant falls on a dark degree, the complexion will be dark and imperfections more pronounced.

Let a sign ascend in a Nativity or Question, if the Ascendant be in those degrees you see are called light, the child or querent shall be more fair; if the degree ascending be of those we call dark, his complexion shall be nothing so fair, but more obscure and dark; and if he be born deformed, the deformity shall be more and greater; but if he be deformed when the light degrees of a sign ascend, the imperfection shall be more tolerable. (pp. 117, Lilly)


4-8 Aries

17-20 Aries

25-29 Aries

4-7 Taurus

13-15 Taurus

21-28 Taurus

1-4 Gemini

8-12 Gemini

17-22 Gemini

1-12 Cancer

21-28 Cancer

26-30 Leo

6-8 Virgo

11-16 Virgo

1-5 Libra

11-18 Libra

22-27 Libra

4-8 Scorpio

15-22 Scorpio

1-9 Sagittarius

13-19 Sagittarius

24-30 Sagittarius

8-10 Capricorn

16-19 Capricorn

5-9 Aquarius

14-21 Aquarius

7-12 Pisces

19-22 Pisces

26-28 Pisces


1-3 Aries

9-16 Aries

1-3 Taurus

29-30 Taurus

5-7 Gemini

23-27 Gemini

13-14 Cancer

1-10 Leo

1-5 Virgo

28-30 Virgo

6-10 Libra

19-21 Libra

1-3 Scorpio

30 Scorpio

10-12 Sagittarius

1-7 Capricorn

20-22 Capricorn

26-30 Capricorn

10-13 Aquarius

26-30 Aquarius

1-6 Pisces

13-18 Pisces

29-30 Pisces


The Ascendant or Moon in smoky degrees makes the native or querent rather ordinary.

If the Ascendant, the Moon or either of them be in those degrees we call smoky, the person inquiring or Native, shall neither be very fair nor very foul, but of a mixed complexion, stature or condition, between fair and foul, between tall and of little Stature, and so in condition neither very judicious or a very ass. (pp. 117-118, Lilly)

19-20 Cancer

11-20 Leo

17-22 Virgo

23-24 Scorpio

20-23 Sagittarius

15 Capricorn

1-4 Aquarius

Deep or Pitted

If the Ascendant or its ruler or the Moon fall on deep or pitted degrees, the native or querent will not know what to do and will get no assistance to pull himself or herself out of the pit.

Degrees deep or pitted.... have this signification, that if either the Moon or the degree ascending or lord of the Ascendant be in any of them, it shows the man at a stand in the question he asks, not knowing which way to turn himself and that he had need of help to bring him into a better condition; for as a man cast into a ditch doth not easily get out without help, so no more can this querent in the case he is without assistance. (pp. 118, Lilly)

6 Aries

11 Aries

16 Aries

23 Aries

29 Aries

5 Taurus

12 Taurus

24-25 Taurus

2 Gemini

12 Gemini

17 Gemini

26 Gemini

30 Gemini

12 Cancer

17 Cancer

23 Cancer

26 Cancer

30 Cancer

6 Leo

13 Leo

15 Leo

22-23 Leo

28 Leo

8 Virgo

13 Virgo

16 Virgo

21-22 Virgo

1 Libra

7 Libra

20 Libra

30 Libra

9-10 Scorpio

22-23 Scorpio

27 Scorpio

7 Sagittarius

12 Sagittarius

15 Sagittarius

24 Sagittarius

27 Sagittarius

30 Sagittarius

7 Capricorn

17 Capricorn

22 Capricorn

24 Capricorn

29 Capricorn

1 Aquarius

12 Aquarius

17 Aquarius

22 Aquarius

24 Aquarius

29 Aquarius

4 Pisces

9 Pisces

24 Pisces

27-28 Pisces

Lame or Deficient or Azimene

In the Ascendant, its ruler or the Moon fall on azimene degrees, the native or querent will be defective or afflicted by disease.

...if in any question you find him that demands the question, or in a nativity, if you find the native defective in any member, or infected with an inseparable disease, halting, blindness, deafness, &c., you may then suppose the native hath either one of these azimene degr. ascending at his birth, or the lord of the Ascendant, or the Moon in one of them. In a question or nativity, if you see the querent lame naturally, crooked, or vitiated in some member, and on the sudden you can in the figure give no present satisfaction to your self, do you then consider the degree ascending, or degree wherein the Moon is in, or the lord of the Ascendant, or principal lord of the nativity or question, and there is no doubt that you shall find one or more of them in azimene degrees. (pp. 118, Lilly)

6-10 Taurus

9-15 Cancer

18 Leo

27-28 Leo

19 Scorpio

28 Scorpio

1 Sagittarius

7-8 Sagittarius

18-19 Sagittarius

16 Capricorn

27-29 Capricorn

18-19 Aquarius

Increasing Fortune

If the cusp of the second house, the second house ruler, Jupiter or the part of fortune fall on any of the Increasing Fortune degrees, the native or querent will be rich.

These degrees....tend to this understanding, that if the cusp of the second house, or if the lord of the second house, or Jupiter, or the Part of Fortune be in any of those degrees, it's an argument of much wealth, and that the native or querent will be rich. (pp. 118, Lilly)

19 Aries

3 Taurus

15 Taurus

27 Taurus

11 Gemini

1-4 Cancer

15 Cancer

2 Leo

5 Leo

7 Leo

19 Leo

3 Virgo

14 Virgo

20 Virgo

3 Libra

15 Libra

21 Libra

7 Scorpio

18 Scorpio

20 Scorpio

13 Sagittarius

20 Sagittarius

12-14 Capricorn

20 Capricorn

7 Aquarius

16-17 Aquarius

20 Aquarius

13 Pisces

20 Pisces